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What Is Plan And Help You What

Steps to build a general plan

What Is Plan And Help You What

Plan will help you:

- Easy content control
- Save time
- Produce Content according to the orientation of product / brand.
- Track process and optimize operation

Steps to build general plan:

1. Defining Objectives (Objective)

Why need to define goals? Anything, if you don't determine your goal before you do it, you won't be able to complete it well. What is the goal of Content marketing in each stage? Are brands (brands), sales (sales) or both?

2. Target Audience and Target (Target Audience)

When determining who customers are, how their habits and interests are, we orient our content more accurately and efficiently.

3. Content Building (Concept)

Content that only takes care of the product and its accompanying features is no longer attractive. The content needs to be creative, unique, create valuable information for customers, stemming from the "MIND", the right customer needs, from which the products will be easily received by the market.

4. Content Management (Content Management)

Content needs to be managed scientifically in order to ensure the content is aligned with the brand / product label.

5. Promote content (Public)

We need to identify communication channels, channel characteristics to allocate reasonable budgets and still be effective for the whole campaign.

6. Evaluate results (KPI & Cost)

After each campaign, you need to consider the feedback, results from which to draw experience and develop more and more Content Marketing businesses.

Content production process ensures requirements:

👉 Brainstorm ideas
👉 Plan your plan
Áp Draft content / script
. Design
👉 Check the content
👉 Posting
. Promote
👉 Review feedback

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