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Failure is mother's success

JK Rowling (Author Harry Porter)

Failure is mother's success - JK Rowling (Author Harry Porter)

Why do I want to share with you the benefits of failure? Simply because failure means combing out unnecessary things. I told myself that I was myself more than anyone else and focused all my energy just to do important things. If I succeed in any other field, I may not have found the determination to succeed in the field that I believe really belongs to me.

I was free to pursue my dream because my greatest fear was gone. I still have a happy life with a lovely daughter, an old typewriter and a storybook storybook. And so, bitter failures have become a solid foundation for me to rebuild my life.

(Excerpt from Ms. JK Rowling's speech at graduation ceremony Harvard University, 2008). Please note that readers are no longer a billionaire

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