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We Need To Change Over Time

Oprah Winfrey (American TV Queen)

A lot of people love change, especially appearance because it can bring impressive results. But I change with the desire to transform people from within rather than looks. I want to change the way people feel about themselves. Incidentally, we can meet a man walking on the street with a very long beard and it seems that he is hidden behind the beard. And after helping him shave off the whisker beard and he could really see him, he said:

"I feel alive again."

We all need to change over time - Oprah Winfrey (American TV Queen)

Changing his appearance helped him look back at himself. That's why we all need to change over time in our lives. In exchange for you, graduates, I'm sure that if you can see your ability to change your life, see your future friends instead of being small now, you will have great success. (Excerpts from her speech Oprah Winfrey at graduation ceremony Duke University, 2009)

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