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Online course: Order Guangzhou to Vietnam (No Need to Know Chinese)

Order cheapest taobao, jd, tmall, 1688 - Find fake goods, genuine goods, processing workshops ...

More than 80% shop in Vietnam are trading in imported goods from Guangzhou - China and There is a secret that you can easily find and buy these items at cheaper prices up to 1%.

Online course: Order Guangzhou for Vietnam

Through the course "Order Buy Guangzhou Goods Online without knowing Chinese" (only 45 minutes) will help you master this area and NO LONGER BUYING ANY TIME.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW CHINA - with the knowledge presented in the course, you will know:

+ How to access, guide to view and select sources, distinguish goods, buy cheap, wholesale prices, take advantage of search and ordering tools easily and effectively.

+ Freedom: You proactively order products to Vietnam without bothering other people, knowing the source of the goods that the shops are taking, taking the goods is much cheaper (up to 70%) compared to buying at the current shops.

+ Capture the source trend, be more active in catching trend, catch the trend.

+ Find sources of fake goods, genuine goods, processing workshops as required.

Course Video:

The program includes 10 videos encapsulated in 45 minutes:

  • Video 1: Introduce the content & reason for the course.
  • Video 2: Support tools for smart ordering (No need to know Chinese)
  • Video 3: About us 4 best retail website site: Taobao, 1688, JD, Tmall.
  • Video 4: Benefits of use "Domestic Interface" vs "World interface": The secret of love!
  • Video 5: How to evaluate Shop on Taobao, 1688, Tmall, JD - way choose Choose the most prestigious shop with the cheapest price.
  • Video 6: Instructions for compiling search keywords from Google Translate (Used for all Chinese e-commerce sites) - Find every item Chinese web side in Vietnamese!
  • Video 7: Way Search for sources just by picture - no need to know what the product name is - understand the import price of others!
  • Video 8: How to see Top trends / multiple purchases on Taobao (for business people): Get business ideas, catch trends - timely market opportunities, recipes seasonal goods, know what business should be now? ==> Opportunity to start getting rich.
  • Video 9: Must grasp Note When ordering Guangzhou China order always get the most benefits.
  • Video 10: Using ordering tools "Quick - Simple - Convenient" Best: Time is gold!

The course goes From basic to [the secrets] that the market nobody shows you at all. Introducing an overview of features, tricks to find goods, choose goods, distinguish good quality and bad products Secrets, genuine purchase links discount up to 90%.

SPECIAL: Introduce some tricks to find standard goods, workshops, wholesale prices without going to Guangzhou market.

Requirements of the course

  • There is internet
  • Quiet space
  • Know Vietnamese (^. ^)

Finding and procuring unique and strange items that are not available in Vietnam at very cheap prices.

Understand the know-how in sourcing, distinguishing quality products, buying retail with wholesale prices.


  • The sales shop is available / order.
  • Believers love to buy products online.
  • Students / students want to earn extra income by doing online business.

Or Can Start Right Under:

Author: Ha Yen Tran -


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