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Starting a business! Don't think you guys are just starting out, even if you are businessIt's normal for us to start a business again. I know that the story is: Here, the year is the year, GE (General Electric) company of USA 1 is five years old. The General Director said in front of the staff, he said, "This year our company is 3 and we will all start again." In Vietnam, Vietnam's largest conglomerate is now Vingroup, their slogan is:

"VINGROUP - The quintessence of convergence and development ”but they also changed in the past to" Keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive ".

The start-up word is so familiar, perhaps over the years, is the hottest keyword on Google. I also attended the meeting of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to launch the "National Start-up" about about 30 months ago. That is, if you start a business, you will be supported by the whole society, not like in the past, people use the most harsh words for the merchants. My time was respected, not prejudiced by people and by the time you were honored by everyone if you succeeded.

When it comes to starting a business, it must be a career. Currently there are many friends who are wrong between career and career. Profession is what we do every day to earn a living, a career that clings to us, if you push it, it doesn't come out, it's associated with your life, like your mission, you have to bring it to life this work. They often say that the job of choosing a person who does not choose a job or hearing is strange but it is true. When we do something, we stick with it, be passionate about it, follow it, cannot give up, especially business. Doctors, teachers ... can switch to doing business, but business is trivia about who is a teacher, a doctor. Business that converges many factors and emotions, has to pay for business.

Talking about starting a business, according to statistics for new friends, in 5 the first year is bankrupt. In that half, about 20%% of the time is premature death in the first year, 1% is dead within 1 years, the rate is very large, after we have been able to survive. In the next five years, we can calculate that it is successful, 20-50 year, it can be counted as longevity, for large-scale long-term brand names, the current mark can be considered as symbolic 5 immortal and I hope business people can build such immortal monument.

  • Audience: In many difficult business, the biggest difficulty is the development of science and technology is very large so the phenomenon of premature death is very fast, in Hai's clip, I see that Hai moved the business field very quickly, Hai can divide How will a business idea and products be launched to restart your business before market changes?

As I shared the first part, my father always thought about how to get rich, so when I went to the street I was very interested in the opportunities to make money. Currently, we are aware of what we have and lose. . And what should have been, we are not aware of it. What we talk about is opportunity.

For example: when you lose your phone, motorbike ... .. you have been sad for ten years, have you ever thought about it, how many of you lost the Iphone, the villa ... how many people would give me the sentence? ask like that. That is, there are opportunities that we miss many business opportunities, when people are successful then I say "Well, I thought so in the past." . I always look for opportunities to make money. If you actively seek out instead of waiting for it, sometimes it will come up with more ideas. There are chances of not coming for the second time, because it knocks on the door very quietly so we have to pay close attention. For successful business, the first factor is that you must "Craving for money" . Now I not only crave money but also add money. That is, you have a desire to get rich, but if it's just to solve certain needs, it won't be drastic; Doing business is bloody and hard. I always find the answer to the question "Didn't I miss any chance last year?".

Going back to starting a business, starting a business now is not the same as in the old days, when we had the opportunity, we had to make a determination to make a living, have the opportunity to make use of it and become a business when we didn't know it. . Maybe you have more time to study, more systematic thinking, more logical, so I advise you to study. There are many people who say that Mr. Bill Gates does not need to go to college still world famous but that is true for him and only in the world, he is only EXUMX. You now have to shape before doing business on ways, routes ... in the old days, just try it, try it wrong, try another way.

Since I had no business knowledge, I did not recruit managers because I thought I had to pay high salaries while they did nothing, time after employees violated a lot, I had to manage and check in. When I can do many other things, the situation only improves when I elect the manager of 1. I learned 1 lesson: Management is the person who changes the director to supervise and urge the staff to have time to do bigger things. My thinking at that time was thinking of experience so it took a lot of time.

I am very passionate, my whole life is 1 series of passions. When I work on awnings or photo shops, I am passionate about doing, my skills are sometimes more than technical staff, I think that I have to know how to manage my employees, so many people agree with the view. this. At 1 at the time, I realized that I was spending a lot of time on things that if I quit 2-3 million, others would do better than me, while that time period might have earned a few billion. The simple thing that no one taught, I have to try wrong. I concluded that: Good people can not do anything, good people who know how to use good things to help others serve them. I realized that human factor is the biggest asset of Phu Thanh company, so later I changed my strategies.

In competitive times, you start your business with the advantage of being supported by society. however, the market is much tougher than it used to be in the past, that is, what makes money, people rush to do, tougher competition. So you have to have a different direction, in addition to logical thinking, you have to make yourself different. Most products of Vietnam when used only feel a bit reassured but not make us really satisfied. Almost all of us face products that are not assured every day. Currently, Vietnam is new to the place that has been reassured but overseas has grown up high, in addition to peace of mind, there must be satisfaction. Successful product companies are black to the touch.

  • Audience: If we talk about starting a business properly, we have many sources of information, but I want you to share it in this corner. You are 1 who do real food, have lots of experience, tips for those who are trying to start like us, choices for next year, next year when we are at this age but we still have think of starting a business.

Of course, this exchange is not for students but for those who have many years of experience, professional knowledge may be even better than me. Anything I do will be better than someone else. If I do 1 the car washer, when I come, I will take the car to the guest, invite the guests to drink the water and then wash the car…. , must have 1 slightly different from other people, especially the service industry must satisfy customers. If you do business, you will be familiar with the saying: Do not sell anything we have and sell what customers need. This is only a theory, in fact, few people can do it. In the past, there was no way you could buy crabs, people cleaned up, minced meat …… that was what made the service better, made it different, however, that difference was very easy to copy. , it requires you to think of more new things. If I talk about a slightly larger age and start a business, I have an example of a big boss of KFC starting a business in 1 age and he built a big global system after MCDonald. This is an example, starting a business is not limited to age as long as we have passion, hard work.

The factors that make a lot of success like luck, relationship .... If I subtract it gradually, I'm sure the last thing is hard work, that's what is required. In the year of business, I have never seen anyone succeed without hardship. I can confirm, I am the hardest person in my company. I have experienced many ups and downs in my life, I am aware that in the next few years I may not have the opportunity anymore, so, I have to make up for the coming years if there are losses and make up for those Last year there were periods when I burned money. I am aware of the opportunity, there are people who have the opportunity to not miss the second time in life, so if there is a chance, I have to do it, do it non-stop.

  • Imitation: As recently, Hai said, during his trial and error, Hai realized that 1 had to use good people. So Hai can share the experience of managing and attracting talents, motivating the personnel system to carry out the work at his disposal.

Human resource is 1 headache for companies, corporations, including large corporations like Vincom; Among those large corporations, there is also a great competition in personnel. In the past, when I saw that the staff had enough feathers and then separated, I was very uncomfortable, very vicious, but now that I think about them, if I were like them, I would go out separately, who would want to work for others forever. If we want to keep them only way of sharing, motivating, sharing with benefit mechanisms and employees is also the motivation for us to strive, we must grow to the extent that people can be trusted. stay

  • Audience: Through your story, can you share the concept of success?

Success is to do what you want and do well, to contribute to society, to be recognized by everyone, trusted by everyone. Of course, in the business profit target is very important. The formula for success for starters is passion, forte, for example, profit margins for me, I find Led industry more profitable and we have to focus resources on what works. Most, so I choose children not to do Led. Talking about the knack is very wide, we can be broken down into knowledge, skills ....

  • Audience: Cutting losses is technical 1 in business. He shared it before stopping the photo system, he lost the loss of 1 years. If you can go back, will you cut it at that time or back before 1 time?

If it is only my own business that I end up doing photo editing, but here it is related to many people, so I do not regret it because it helps me relax because I have tried my best. , if I end it when I first get a hole, I will be biting it now.

The key to success is to have blood to reach the level of addiction, turning it into your passion; determining how to make money is a hard work, confronting and accepting difficulties - the director is the one who solves the hard work, treats the problem, the business must have a dose; besides, you have to have a dream - give your dreams near, don't dream of utopian things, when you achieve your goals then you have to set your next goals, don't relax; The next thing I recommend is not to be satisfied with what you achieve, but continue to set a new goal.

  • Audience: His projects are sometimes unsuccessful, so he can share failures and learning from it.

In order to achieve the current success, I have also experienced many failures and miserable failures but it is not enough for me to collapse. Ten years ago, I invested in wood grain steel door products, I went abroad and found that the product also started to contact, enter lines, write contracts, rent premises, personnel .... everything is ready but I suddenly think about why I spent millions of dollars on it when I didn't know if it was successful or not, I tried it again by going to a product eye event, printing stamps The complete label as entered product, first has a good signal but only half a five-star boom in real estate crisis while this product is mainly targeted at investors of urban areas, apartments, At that time I jumped in, only water died, I did not dare to sell anymore, 1 year and a half later I completely stopped this product. That is 1 the first failure. Failure stuff 2 is the remote control electrical switch. This product also came to market, but it was right in the season of Nom, as you know, Nuoc in Vietnam has the phenomenon of standing water, the wall is also full of water, so the water seeps into the electric outlet. The error of making a lot of errors cannot be fixed.

After 20 for several years, I learned not from successes but accept defeat. The first is because of my experience to anticipate failure, something that I can accept if I fail.

  • Audience: Have you ever thought about increasing your income, material and spiritual life for your employees?

In the past year, I have different thoughts, before doing business, I set the profit criteria to the top, but after recognizing human factors as the most important, good directors, the employees must pay high wages. In Phu Thanh, the rate of workers is very large, above 50%, I am proud to announce that the average salary of Phu Thanh employees is 12 million / month. Secondly, during the crisis time of the company, the meetings were completely about cutting this, the other ones that I firmly refused to cut were the afternoon kitchen. I think the salary is not high, in this time of crisis there is only a noon kitchen to connect with each other and also support the staff to not go out. I am a sense of salary is an important factor to create satisfaction and peace of mind for them to contribute more so I always have policies to increase salaries for my employees. I understand my basic wishes, so do my staff so I still take care of my employees to some extent.

Some of the principles you can apply to work and life:

  • First: Price is not the only thing to pay,
  • 2:Separating people from the problem. For example: In my company, there used to be 1 good technical staff who had poor communication, met me never greeted, at that time I was very spicy, but recalling that in the past, I had to separate people from problems. I need them to say hello or need anything, what I need is they contribute to the work, the company.
  • 3: Strike on greed. People are very greedy, you need to exploit that in business, exploitation, not taking advantage.

You start your business with difficulties in capital. Where do you get students when you are students? Also hitting the greedy mind, you do not have money, please buy debt and pay higher interest rates, but you must also keep credibility. Currently the business environment in Vietnam I see businesses do not believe in each other as before. Beginners create trust, create credibility. In my most difficult time, I went to the temple to borrow money. One advice is that if you borrow from someone, you should keep your promise and keep your credibility and it will make your brand.

  • Audience: When he had to start his career early, how did he reconcile his career and family? When you negotiate with your partner, what is the prerequisite for you to bring to that negotiating table?

I often write poetry and listen to music to relax myself. However, to balance between family and career, I am still trying hard. For partners, besides thinking I also think for the partners, my point is that when they come together, they both benefit.

I recently talked about system thinking. Back then I opened only to make a living, different from you now. For example: A brother who sells pho after 10 - 20, he still sells Pho, he may be rich. That is the difference between making a living and doing business. Doing business must always think about maximizing profits, maximizing opportunities.

The audience shared: I myself do a lot and stumble. E-commerce is the future. In the e-commerce industry, people can buy everything online and ancillary industries such as electronic payment or shipping. In my view it is still in the future. There are many friends who ask me about Facebook business, it can still survive, still have words. The e-commerce industry still has developed land, but to know when it will flourish is quite vague. Take the fact that in China - a country with the closest culture, I took the small aspect of e-commerce as electronic payment, people used a bank card to buy a lot, when this is still quite limited in our country, that change of China is in the period of about 30 years.

Bill Gates has a question:

"Or do you do business online or do nothing."

He had prior vision and e-business is 1 inevitable.

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