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I have a very poor childhood of 1, my parents are both teachers. Teacher salaries 3 piles 3 copper while there are up to 200X brothers and sisters, my parents are very difficult to feed us to study. Right from the class of 3, I had to sell eggs, my house was at Ngo Si Lien market. Every afternoon when I came home, I went to the market to sell eggs, my friends teased me "Sea of ​​rotten eggs". After that, I sold many more things, I stuck the paper bags and handed over to the five classrooms, class 8; I also rode my bicycle to deliver fish sauce and salt to my family; I kept doing so until the end of the level.

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My father is Nghe An, so he is extremely hard. That hardship has affected my entire business life. Until now my father is still an example for me to follow. I have 1 celebrating that next to my egg row there is a jar of wonton noodles, back then I thought that the customers of the noodle shop only a few people with limbs were wearing gold. I still remember the year of the year, I went to work as a tourist guide in English, when I received my first month of salary, I immediately went to Ngo Si Lien market to eat wonton noodles. It is always a memory that made me strive to rise. My father always advised me

"Always think about how to make money, before you have to think about how to make money"

So from a young age, I have cherished the dream of making money and getting rich.

I started my career in 97, when you were probably in the fifth year in college. At that time, I was quite good at English, I was able to take the prize of 3; when I had so many dreams and ambitions, my father took a break from school on the grounds that the poor family could not go to university. If so, then the diploma will not do anything, so he made me go to learn to drive truck. I was 3 at the age but I was old enough to drive a car, which was 17; At that time my father was familiar with the civil police, so registering for me increased to 20 years old. My mother does not agree. During 21 years, in the morning I learned to drive, in the afternoon I studied culture at Trung Vuong school, at night I studied English in a foreign language center. At the end of my class, I went to work, I drove to my father some time later, I drove material to the construction site of Hanoi Daewoo Hotel. I drove for half a year and got a salary; At that time, I was eager to go to school. Previously poor and inferior, you are used to it, but it is very humiliating to lose your studies.

In the meantime I craved for college but didn't know how to do it, fortunately I had Le Thanh Lam, I told her to let me go to school to know how to go to college. I studied for half a year, then I had money then, I took the exam at the Hanoi Foreign Language School in the faculty. I still feel embarrassed when studying in my office. In April, when I was in a business crisis, I decided to take a test at 2008 university business Administration . After 2,5 year I graduated with a master's degree in Business Administration and fulfilled my dream of studying.

On one occasion, I was born to 2 train tickets to travel to Ho Chi Minh City. For new graduates like me, Saigon is a new land of 1. On one of the walks on the street, I saw 1 the woman who was filming the porch and on her head, the canvas roof gradually protruding out. I was surprised to ask her what it was. She told me it was a mobile porch produced by Vietnam. I was known to be of Chinese origin in District 5. In my mind I thought I had to give this to Hanoi and this is the chance that I have longed for. Any time on the porch also let the manufacturer contact information, I saw then I went to meet. When I met the problem of wanting to become an agent and bring this product to Hanoi, I also wanted them to teach how to install this product. In 1 that month I went with the mechanic to learn how to install.

After returning to Hanoi, I had no capital, no staff, so I printed only marketing leaflets. Because the product is new, people don't know and ask questions like "What is a mobile awning?" there "Is it like a mobile phone?" v .. v. At first, people did not dare to use it, but I came up with the idea of ​​installing it. I then went to Saigon to ask for a debt of VND 200 to test the sample. Gradually, people found it good to try it, along with their hardships, I went around Hanoi streets to introduce products; When someone signs a contract, I directly install it. I would like to say more about the name PHU THANH; My family no one named Thanh, this is a fortune teller, PHU is rich, THANH is successful, successful, that is what I set for dreaming and very meaningful; I still feel like that so far.

Besides the hardships at the bottom of the abyss, I also have good luck. At that time, it was very easy in Hanoi to encounter pillars to spread or houses with trees when they were nailed up and slumped, so they encroached on the sidewalk. At that time, Hanoi was entering the campaign of 36 / CP to prevent encroachment on the sidewalk and at the same time I launched a mobile porch. Of course, when the customer is also full of worries about missing money and installing it, the police are obliterated. So I came up with an idea. Before the police station at that time, there was always a three-wheeled vehicle, raining down in the water, so I gave my product to the police to cover the car. After that, I went to the market to meet the question "Did I install it and get flattened?" I pointed out to the ward police "Here you see, in addition to the police in the ward, they are fully installed."

Seeing that I could eat, I decided to take another step. I put the problem with some police officers, who went to call on everyone to use their products, each of which they gave me a little value. So the next time they went out, I went after distributing leaflets. As you know, pioneers always have the advantage that when they are at the forefront, they know the brand. For example, if you buy a voltage regulator, you just need to say that selling Lioa is known; So is the product that comes with the brand. Being at the forefront must always have an advantage that is sometimes a white mouse. My eaves have such beginnings.

After that, I have 1 farther vision. In the past, when selling goods, I knew how to keep the prestige and also thought of the brand from that time although it was very strange at the time. I immediately think about advertising and brand promotion. As you know, it was very popular with Bao Thanh Thien; I went to the TV station to question the advertisement between movies. Television at that time did not have as many channels as it is now, so every time when it turned out, everyone turned on the television. In the middle of the movie is the advertisement of the Phu Thanh mobile porch and even that night, the guests call so much that the landlord must hang up the phone. I found it effective so the next day I carried money to advertise and advertise continuously. Later when I worked on digital photos, I did the same.

My tools kept saying:

"Did you burn money?"

According to the instruments, the advertising money is the money. But what I see is the long-term effect even immediately. Realizing that, I created the brand from the beginning but now it works like salt. I marketed a lot of things like this: When I marketed in Long Bien market, 1 told me:

"You are careful, I know my friend Thanh, there's nothing I tell him.".

The name Phu Thanh at that time reminds people of middle aged people but no one knows that the boy is only 1 aged.

Being able to feel good when you see 2-3, I intend to reach out to the world. I decided to go to Thailand. The first time I went in my head, I just thought it was like Vietnam but I was overwhelmed by that. I went all day without seeing any of the eaves that were just offices, I thought that this time it was burning money. After all, I decided to see if there was anything good to learn. Once I went to a big shopping center in Bangkok, I walked across 1 and saw people taking photos and editing photos. I was surprised to stand and watch. Being available in English, I met the boss and asked me to buy and learn the trade to bring back to Vietnam. He agreed. Then he copied me the software, photo frame, theme ... and taught me how to cut, collage .... When I returned to Vietnam, I taught those things to computer staff in Phu Thanh. At first I thought it was a failed trip but I didn't expect it to be so successful.

Thanks to my knowledge, I opened the first photo shop in Kim Ma. I took Phu Thanh's name for the store. My photo was founded in 99 and later succeeded I established 1 store chain. But the way I did it, because of changing consumer habits, I had to compensate for losses and see that I should focus on other things so I ended the system. This is a sad memory of my business life.

By the year of 2002, while working abroad, I noticed Led electronic board. Vietnam was not yet available and I suddenly thought: "The price can be produced in Vietnam". At first it was very difficult because it went into the electronics industry but I think I know nothing about mechanics, pictures still can't open stores. So I decided to jump into this area. After researching, I found there are 1 gaps between researchers and businesses. Businesses always look for something to invest and scientists don't invest. Then I went to the Polytechnic, the teachers said:

"This electronic board is simple, we also let you write a graduation project, write it so that no one will do it".

It is like predestined relationships. Then I ordered and had the first products to develop then as now. Later I worked on LED lighting along the Top of the list of enterprises doing lighting all over the country.

It is a rough point about my business path to the present. Phu Thanh specialized in Led field, it has 3 main application:

  • 1 is a billboard, about 30% of buildings in Hanoi are Phu Thanh's tables;
  • 2 is lighting buildings, lighting art;
  • 3 is the electronic application board in the field of commercial advertising.

Currently, the company is on the rise, sales of about VND XNX billion.

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