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In the previous section, we knew how to make attractive content: hitting readers' curiosity, promising benefits, and increasing emotions and experience elements.

This section we will go more specifically on how to apply in each example
✔</s>Hit the readers' curiosity: people are completely curious about what they already know. Very few people are curious what is completely unknown. Most of us are curious what we just know. Meaning that 1 part knows, the new unknown part is the cause of curiosity (The author of the book "Dancing with the pen" has compared it like a women's dress)

For example:
"Why should girls wear skirts?" The information is known that "girls should wear skirts", the information is unknown as "why". You will be curious about this unknown information.

Good articles:
"The boy prepares a show of elaborate love and a bad ending" → the information is known that there is a story of a boy confessing to a girl, there is a bad outcome, unknown information is specific How bad. You really want to curse the ending
"Indonesian magician jumped into the crocodile lake and the ending" → you are curious to know if this magician is eating meat!
"Adultery with beautiful married girls and super good ending" → you are curious to know what adultery is to have results
Here the word "super comedy", "sadness" revealed a little bit of information but kept it a secret, so it increased curiosity.

Writing an ad can write the title as follows:
"Everybody who uses this product is 10 who becomes a loyal customer"
"I have been fooled by the shop TEN_SHOP_CANQUEST to lose 500K"
"Looks like love - eating is addicting"
→ Guests will be curious to read your article. This is the charisma created by curiosity. Attraction should be created in the first title, paragraph, and the link between the paragraphs. If you read a series of novels (episodes) then you will see near the end of the chapter there will be dramatic events that must go through the next chapter to know how to end. This is to create an attraction for viewers to see the next chapter. In the middle of the chapter, near the end of the chapter, there is the next problem that can be solved by another chapter, just like that .. Make the reader see this chapter after chapter, the end of the story always.

In the framework of this article I just use the example in the title for a brief, easy to understand

✔</s> Promising to benefit: many of the current commercials are promising benefits at the beginning such as title / opening.

For example:
"What should women do to be both beautiful and make a lot of money?" → The benefits here are beautiful, and make a lot of money.
"Acne after 3 days, exhausted after 2 weeks, permanent warranty" → The benefit is that the acne is exhausted in a short time
"NEW KOREAN KOREAN APPEARED IN SAI GON: VERY GOOD, MEDIUM HEALTH PROTECTION" → benefits are delicious ice cream and health protection

The promise of benefits is often very appealing, it's just not attractive in the case of being boring, meaning the reader has heard somewhere and when you say it like that, they think you are like another place. Therefore in content you promise, but each content needs to be different: words, expressions, or ideas.

✔</s> Feelings and experiences: how to increase emotions?
When doing advertising for a phone shop in Japan, I used 1 kind of emotion, that is: patriotism, remembering my hometown and brand love. The image I show is 'love Vietnam, and love Iphone' (the heart next to it), and the content is short to evoke the emotion available in the hearts of readers:
"For those who:
Love Vietnam
Like to use iphone
Reputable purchase, guaranteed ”

The results received very good interaction. People act when they have feelings (why I will explain them in the following articles), so if you are able to evoke or create emotions in the hearts of readers, they will act with little effort to calculate ( For example, even if the price you sell is higher than the other, they still buy when there is emotion. The most obvious action is strong interaction: like, comment, share will be more up

When I worked as an advertiser for complementary medicine, I used maternal love:

“Watching the birth of a baby is the most sacred moment of my mother
Giving your child enough nutrition to be healthy & intelligent is the best thing they should do. ”

The first sentence reiterates the mother's experience, evoking a feeling of love. To then promote action, the action here is to find a way for your child to be nutritious and healthy. That way mothers will read the content here, increasing attractiveness.

Feelings that are large enough not only increase the attraction but also promote actions such as buying goods, leaving phone numbers, sharing or doing something else. To understand the role of emotions, please watch my next post.

Hoang Bao Kiem


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