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Some The Concept Of Booking PR You Need To Know

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Some The Concept Of Booking PR You Need To Know

1 Booking PR what?

Is a PR posting service on newspaper channels, news pages based on quotation of channels. Each channel will have different price quotes, prices of PR posts on the channel are priced and quoted based on prestige, trafic, article position ...

- eg 1: same with 1 home page position, price vnexpress will be higher than the price of vietnamplus

- for example, 2: the price of the homepage will be higher than the category price, the column is higher than the sub-section

2. Who wrote the PR article?

PR articles can be written by the enterprise itself or by a journalist. Reporters will often write in journalism, businesses often write in brand or commercial language. Most of the enterprises write by themselves and send them to the newspaper to correct them to suit the press language

3. What does discount mean?

Discount is the% discount that Agency or Newspaper side decreases for customers. Normally Agency prices will be better DN self book with newspapers by Agency with commitment to sales channels should be better discounted. There are cases where DN directly booking with a large quantity newspaper + long-term contract is sometimes better than Agency.

4. Should any location booking?

DN depending on the purpose of the article but booking position accordingly, such as: home page, categories, sub-categories.

- for example: if you just need to post to guide the link on the fanpage or MXH, just subscribe the sub-section to save costs.

5. Note what when booking PR post

Don't write over sticky meat PR, just talk about this brand or product showing off. No one reads that, readers only care about what they get, brand value gives readers what if they buy sp or use the service. If you write sticky meat, people don't read and don't care

Shocking attraction and true tastes, emerging trend that readers are interested

There should be contact information for the legs so that if interested readers click on it, so measuring the effectiveness of PR will be better

Above is some experience in the process of making Agency I made it. You can ask the question below, I will answer and update on Status.

Wish the whole family happy and have useful information

Shared Source Fb Nguyen Vu Quang Anh

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