Business With Store Design Perspective


Business With Store Design Perspective

Basic principles of shop design work

Good storefront design, not only the face of shippers but also more important is to leave a good impression on customers, attract customers and expand the market. The premise of pre-designing storefronts is to capture the trends and tastes of the era. Facade, wall, interior, color, sound, shape, ... when the expression must create a feeling of catching customers. The design facade must evoke the characteristics of the item business, from the formal style must reflect the business characteristics of the item. The front is suitable for customer tastes. When designing the façade, it is necessary to carefully study the style of the shop and its neighboring shops, see if it blends well with the surrounding, "personality" will be very eye-catching, but if the dominance does not match. Reason will make customers not trust. Decoration of the façade needs to be simple, rather than lack of excess, do not use too many complex colors, tangled cord, create a feeling of fatigue for those who feel.

The color of the façade must be harmonious, unified, there should be no antagonism in the colors. The font size on the small signboard must be reasonable, too rough will make the expression appear cramped, easily break the overall layout. Should use color gamut to highlight the store name, the content must be clearly understandable, the store name must be easy to remember, except in special cases, in addition, it is not recommended to use hard-to-look or water-based art typefaces. out.

Light posts, billboards, advertising banners must follow the traffic laws, and city regulations.

Skill of displaying store furniture

Adorned shop has many different styles, in big shops or hotels, ... there must be majestic designs, modern feeling; Small shops need to have their own styles and characteristics.

Here are some specific design solutions for your reference. Decoration must have advertising effects: The decoration effect must achieve strong stimulating results to consumers' eyesight. Can decorate the façade with a style or something special. Enlist the original feeling to attract customers. The form of decoration is so evocative to the consumer products: Not only stop at the request to stimulate the feeling of customers but also to remind them so that they can see the style only. already know the contents of the store. Interior design and display should pay attention to the following issues: Avoid the situation of goods being pushed when visitors travel. The service table must be located where everyone sees it.

The layout in the store must be appropriate and show the characteristics of the goods and create a platform for outstanding goods. A small space must be arranged for guests to stand and rest. Must apply dark skin and closely combine colors, walls, ceilings, space in shops and goods to create a beautiful, harmonious scenery. With different colors, different stimuli will be created. If you use purple as decoration, you must show the luxury, using yellow as the main theme must show the softness and gentleness; using blue as the main theme must be a fantasy; using dark colors as a basic must show the grandiose, clean, use white as basic, decoration will feel lack of excitement; using red as a basic will show the brilliance, heat, nuance of using colors not only monotonous, but also to synthesize. On holidays or in different seasons and times there will be principles for using different colors. Winter and summer use colors will not be the same. Everyone also has different feelings. For young children, red, orange, blue are the colors that react strongly. Young girls are probably the ones most likely to be sensitive to colors. Colors can enhance the value of goods, and vice versa can also make goods worse when exhibited. In terms of display, the light of the lamp is also very important.

In the store, it is best to use low-light lamps, or reduce the level of radiation with a layer of stained glass, making the product luxurious, eye-catching, and eye-catching. There are shops that have used either a wall or two sides to hang mirrors, to create a virtual space for the store.

The cash register should be on both sides and higher than the goods, but if you only trade commonly used items, there is no need to do so.

Displaying goods should follow the following principles:

+ Beautiful products are displayed opposite the door, the daily products are displayed outside the door.

+ Should display related products in the same place, products that affect each other will be displayed far away from each other.

+ Large products need to be placed in easy-to-transport places. + Should arrange some mobile display items. (By sometimes need to change the atmosphere in the store).

+ Be careful when displaying fragile products.

+ Decoration skills outside the store.

Decoration of the store's surface is only the decoration of the door and the four sides of the store, such as hanging ads, hanging lanterns, marine lights, electronic banner forms, advertising posters, leaflets, ... personnel advertising, shop signboards, door decoration, windows, facades, ... are all within the exterior decoration. From the overall view, the beautiful exterior decoration design is an attractive way. For example, the electronic billboard in front of the store with animations will attract the attention of customers, in such a bustling atmosphere, people who do not want to buy goods may even step into the store when they do not know. self at. Especially the way to decorate the cabinet, it creates the face of the store, good decoration will look like a beautiful flower, make people feel comfortable, passersby also want to stop watching, and visitors come The store is also getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, putting effort to decorate the closet is an important content in the modern decoration style. Nowadays, modern style cabinet design is not a stack of goods on top of each other, but it is to show the theme and rich in art. The big shops in New York enjoy the coordination of displaying goods with art statues of different characters, making the whole of the cabinets highly artistic, the high and low prices of goods, obviously, Just looking at customers has been appealing. Along with the development of science and technology, in many different countries such as America, England, France, Japan often use electronic billboards decorated around the store to attract the attention of customers. When night falls, the decorative light outside the store lights up with a multitude of colors, extremely eye-catching. In that aura, the store appeared very splendid, gorgeous, for visitors, it had the effect of attracting example. Many countries around the world have considered exterior decoration as one of the key stages in sales promotion.


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