Being Rich Knowing To Actively Hold Money


Being Rich Knowing To Actively Hold Money

The right concept of financial management is: Although you like money, you cannot be a slave to money, living and dying because the money is not worth it. You must think to learn a method of financial management so that from the situation of being passively controlled by the currency, due to insufficient income, inadequate capital, moving to actively control the money and be good again. use money. The proverb has the phrase: "Knowing how to make money is not equal to spending money, it is moral." Because you know how to adjust your material living standards, not to receive reluctantly to get enough, and without abundance, complete financial management will help you achieve the always-dominant desire. get money, really become the owner of money.


Money like a double-edged sword

Some people say that the more money the headache is, the more often they have to be calculated, to be worried, lose and worry, both afraid of losing and fear of stealing, so much money also brings pressure. But if there is no money, then life will also have problems, the prosperity of the family, the education of the children, the problem of aging and death of parents also become pressure. If you only know how to use money, no matter whether you are high or low, you can reduce the pressure on you. Money is a two-sided powerful weapon that can help you solve problems to see how you know how to use money. Financial management teaches you to be the owner of money, using money to solve your problems, not letting yourself become a hardship and burdening yourself, oppressing you, even enslaving friend.

a. Appreciate money but not lose money. Is money good? Many people were negative when saying: "Money is the source of all crimes." "Bible" also says: "Preferring money is the source of all evil." These two sentences are not much different, but they are very different in nature.

In fact, money can make people better living in the field of 12:

+ Enjoy material

+ Entertainment

+ Education

+ Travel

+ Healing

+ Ensure economic after retirement

+ Friends

+ Stronger belief

+ Enjoy life more fully

+ Express yourself more freely

+ Stimulating you to achieve greater achievements

+ Create opportunities to do the common good

The history of human society has proven: Money is very important to every society, and every individual. Money is useful. It makes people perform a lot of activities, along with the creation of personal wealth it also contributes to society and people.

Along with the continuous development of society today, the demand for people's living standards is constantly improving. In real life, each of us must admit that: money is not universal, but without money, nothing can be done. Each of us must have a certain property: spacious houses, trendy household appliances, modern machines, trendy clothes, suitable cars, ... these must be need money to buy. Everyone's consumer needs are endless, when you want to buy something for yourself, you always want to buy new things, better. In modern society, money is a means to exchange, money is power. Thinking of enriching Napoleon - Hill has encouraged millions of readers to actively seek out wealth. This book has given some concrete examples of our intellectual users to get rich. These people have set up a number of funds, so far these funds have totaled over US $ 200 billion. These funds are used for charitable, religious and educational purposes, and annually donated to the above-mentioned careers is more than US $ 200 million.

Is money good? We think that money is very good but should not be so immersed in it, not to take money, should not be stingy.

b. Making money is not the only purpose of life. About money, Tung Ha has a vivid comparison like this: Money is like grease, as well as machines that want to operate, cars that want to run without grease are not (of course, conditions are needed) another), but lubricating oil is not the pursuit of everyone, but the transport and automobile machines are the purpose. He also said: “To achieve the purpose and work, to make the job of achieving the goal more effective, there must be lubricant. So saying money is a kind of tool, the main purpose is still to improve people's lives.

Tung Ha's people are collecting money without knowing how to keep money. He said: People cannot enslave money, he said: "Money is unreliable! But doing something also requires money, in this sense, to value the money. But "treasure" and "slavery" are two different things, to be rightly acknowledged.

This thought of Tung Ha is worth it for everyone to think about. He wants people not to be slaves for money, to always think of some higher goals. He said: "Tomorrow's life will all be better than today." All participants in material production and spiritual products must take it as a goal, trying to work to earn the corresponding remuneration to improve the material and cultural life of people, "do give life tomorrow better today ”.

The effect of lubricating grease is that: When the machine operates will generate heat that harms the machine, adding a little grease will reduce abrasion; The faster the machine rotates, the more it is allowed to pour a little more grease. Money is the same, it can make workers compensate physically and mentally, much to the benefit. But transporting for too long without compensation, unpaid labor or little remuneration will be hard to last. The effect of money is only here.

c. As the owner of the souls of money Dr. Hill, the author of the Wealthy Doctrine, when he was more than 10 years old, wrote a book called: Getting Rich in a peaceful way. In the preamble of this book he wrote: "I have lived for decades, experienced many life events. I saw the birth of cars, airplanes, radios, televisions, atomic bombs and the birth of the cosmic era. I see that the power source has spread to many countries, the booming development of the industry has far surpassed the aspiration of the 13th century, the progress of the science and technology has been further and further away ...

“Although the whole world has great changes, it is still easy to see: if we don't have enough money, our lives will still be long, so we have to try to make money. But what we want is the success of money, we don't have to worry, stress about disease and sad things ... This is the success of money, we must have calmness. In the soul, just like that, our life is perfect. ”

This passage is not drawn from the books of a young poor student but rather by someone who is over 200 years old, an old man who has experienced hundreds of battles in the marketplace. Let us remember Dr. Hill's sincere admonition, not for money but loss of his personality, only to build a good personality, do you have and enjoy the joy of copper money.

We still desire to become rich, someday, some year and until the moment of real appearance, at that time the crop is harvested - on the table full of food and full of stock home.

The victory itself is a celebration, the fullness and achievements will spread to the surrounding environment.

How much hardship has passed, how many failures and difficulties have been won and overcome so far.

Experiencing the dream of cherishing in the winter, designing goals and planning, ... Spring planting, summer fertilizing, weeding, meticulous care to see today the goal is about to be implemented. , aspiration is about to come true.

Now, how do you handle money? After you have succeeded, you have to deal with it properly.

We think that the biggest challenge after achieving the goal is whether you know how to enjoy the joy of success?

Many owners of large offices do not pay attention to the beautiful space of high-rise buildings in the city, because they have not seen the scenery outside the window ever since. They only think of how to manipulate the market in real trade competition, always discussing numbers to match the ideal, business How can I keep my first position?

Think about it, there are many people who want to give their children a better life who have worked all week 6 days, work hard on the office table, and then one day suddenly discover their children have left the family in turn and now they all have children.

There are some people who have worked for the year but never took leave, wait until they have a real rest to see that they want to play and cannot play anymore; things you want to do that you haven't done before, such as skating, climbing, swimming, ... until now have not been able to do it anymore.

So, in the bumper crop, really want to taste the sweetness of ripe fruit is that you can confirm the results that you have to exchange for hard work.

Of course, this self-assertion capacity must be nurtured slowly, because each of its parts must be obtained from a thorough understanding of each fertilizing period of summer and spring. Compare it a bit, in the journey of travel, if you don't stop to smell the rose fragrance on the road, then after you reach the destination, lest you can't enjoy the beauty of the fragrance.

Think about it, a person after reaching his goal, when he looked around, found out that he was alone, this scene was sad.

If you are on the way forward enrich success may always have to adjust the central tendency so that it does not happen that "high places cannot win cold". Knowing to accept and respect others is more and more accepted and respected by others. Knowing how to combine closely with others, know how to spend and collect them simultaneously, not to compare, you will not feel lonely.

"If everyone around us can enjoy the happiness in life, then it is a great joy of humankind."

Wanting to achieve that perspective must go through long-term efforts, to gain the respect and gratitude of companions, relatives, friends and neighbors. We just do not accumulate money and power nor by seeking to build close relationships with people in society. Of course, just enriching others will turn sadness into joy. A lifetime of good work will bring joy to your home. You must believe: "Everyone can get people's attention or become the focus of everyone's attention". The easiest way to do it is to "win the trust and respect of a child enough to make people feel happy".

During the successful enrichment process, you have increased many friends, have known many neighbors, and have increased their relationship with family members.

If you have a fun and energetic way of living, then the effort spent in your life will also become an example for others to follow, so you can really count as a rich man.

Know how to control money

A lot of people have a thought: having money is to leave it in a place that can be visibly visible and palpable. In their thinking, holding money is the most important thing, what if they bring money to invest, what is the loss of capital? Can't get it, how to do it? In fact, this way of thinking is very funny, the money is not just for storage but for use. Many cruel realities have taught people not only once: embracing money is a misconception. Even if you don't risk hugging money, not lending, the value of money will go down, because every place in the world has inflation. Price is increasing. To reduce the loss from the devaluation of the currency, it is necessary to know financial management, in the current inflation situation this becomes even more important. In the economic crisis, regardless of whether the poor or the rich suffer, only the ability to cope with the inflation of the rich is strong, and the ability of the poor to cope. If the poor in the inflation situation still know how to manage finance and calculate more than others, then they are the winners of long-term benefits.

Another outstanding method is to deposit money into the bank, from there, there is no need to ask, despite the storm, consider the bank as its insurance cabinet, put the money into the insurance cabinet, a coin cannot be lost. can go

In fact, such hoarding can also be devalued, let alone make us get the biggest income.

From a modern investment point of view, investment is an intellectual act with the smallest amount of capital in the shortest time to achieve the highest profit. In this view, savings, even bonds, and insurance are not investment tools, nor are they value-added tools, but only valuable tools.

If other public investment markets appear to increase in value in the year, the savings, bonds, and insurance will only have interest rates from 100% to 5,22%, so it can be said when others invest. will increase the value of 7% then with your savings, can you say you are investing?

In fact, your money not only fails to achieve the highest economic efficiency but is also devalued.

When there are some investors in the society with such money, the investment efficiency is higher, meaning that the money in society proceeds to distribute again. In a certain situation of the total amount of capital in the society, the sources of increase gained from that investment come from, of course, from savings and idle money to invest to increase value.

On the surface, your savings are many, in fact, when other people invest in high value, it is also the day that your savings are devalued, others invest in increasing the value, the savings of The more you depreciate, the greater. Your investment for a year as assumed here is not to say idly but to be realistic. When the market fluctuates, it is necessary to invest money in the stock market, this is the biggest effective investment, done in the shortest time.

Savings, public bonds, insurance are the behaviors that keep the value of the public the most simple, generally do not need to calculate. This is also the reason for judgment, it is not an investment tool.

The scope of investment, in addition to whether the results obtained investment efficiency or not, must also see whether the method is smart and wise?

The areas of future investment along with the increase in the number of family investors and the maturity of the investment concept, any investment must be wise thinking to win. If you say investing in the stock market can win, then the future investment market will not be as simple as that, it will be a game of intelligence and intellectual competition.

The higher the intellectuals, the higher the success rate in investment, the greater the investment efficiency. This has become an indisputable fact.

Therefore, having money is an investment that has become a maxim of financial management of modern life.

Even if you have no intelligence or intelligence, you should not go to a bank to deposit money, using the simplest investment method is to use money to buy stocks, once you have money to buy then every cent , every idle trench is used to buy shares, after 30 years, with this most primitive investment method, you can be a rich man.

Or use idle money to buy stamps, next year you can become rich.

Or use money to buy art paintings, antiques, buy all things of economic value .... If you just keep it for a long time, you can become a successful investor that makes others admire. Having money should not be locked into a locker or stored in the bottom of the ark, using the concept of modern financial management in early life one day, the success target will come soon a day.

a. Immediate action If you know a reliable financial management method, but after knowing you don't do it, even if there is the best financial management method in the world, it will not work. with you. Knowing a method of success is one thing, but using it or not is another. The main method of successful financial management is that after knowing it, immediate action must be taken, not prolonged. The law of success is to plunge into practice. The way is to let people go, the more you step on this road, the sooner the goal of success comes. When you look ahead and look back, contemplating hesitatingly hesitating, everyone has surpassed you, stood before you. If you don't want to be left behind, what are you waiting for?

b. Thoroughly implement the Development of financial management plan, first of all, to determine the goal because everyone has age, family situation, personality, economic potential, different responsibilities, so the item Important goals, each person's financial management priority is not the same. But the goal is only a position that can be achieved in the assumption because it must change according to the environment, sometimes even the goal of life must change and adjust to the situation. The goal of financial management cannot, of course, be ineffective, must also be changed, adjusted appropriately depending on the changes of individual circumstances and must always consider the actual situation. . This is the flexible flexible financial management formula. But in the process of elasticity, the financial management objectives have to change, if today I want to retire at the time of retirement, I hope to save VND 200,000, then there will be adjustment tomorrow. big, want to retire at retirement age, at that time, it can save VND XNX thousand. These mythic changes are far from the inherent elasticity of reasonable financial management. The goals of regular financial management that change completely like this are just childish jokes, not financial management methods. The goal of managing your finances in today's changing situation, tomorrow will change forever. The successful financial management formula is to set reasonable, feasible, thorough implementation objectives, reasonable adjustments to adapt to the situation, not to be unfounded.

c. Reasonable increase and decrease in revenue increase is a necessary measure to manage finance. Reasonable increase in revenue is with the ability to work, should not be reluctant to work a day enough 8 hours. If there is reasonable remuneration to do a little more time to increase the revenue, then there is nothing to be afraid of. For example, spending two hours every night researching the stock market makes your stock investment more money or reduce losses, and the two hours spent is worth it. It is a method of increasing revenue. If you have free time, one week you teach more two evenings, each night has VND 200 x VND, just don't exert too much pressure on you or affect your daily work and family, it's not fun. more than stars. Increasing reasonable revenue as well as reducing reasonable spending, can make your financial management plan work a step sooner.

d. Dominating money Increasing and reducing spending is also a method to help you achieve your goals in financial management. But you should not calculate each inch of each bit, not to turn yourself into a person who only thinks about benefits but loses both personality. Such people are slaves of money, dominated by money.

Money, in addition to being able to buy basic living utensils, can buy the nobility of individuals, personal ideals. Money is really important. But after you have met the basic needs of life, you can also use your money to meet your self-esteem and ideals, you should also be a bit comfortable, consider money a kind of convenient. Money now has to be a means to help you achieve your aspirations, just like a pawn in a chessboard. But in chess and life, it is unlikely that hundreds of games won, everything is the same. Now if you just let go of worry, think freely about money, that money will be your slave.

The skill to make money flourishes

Regardless of whether you have money or not, it is important that you use money flexibly. The method of using money flexibly is not only at the origin of money, but also at the same time spending money.

a. Spending money must be key We spend money every day but do you think about how to spend money well or bad? Financial management is a sound method of paying attention to increasing the value and way of spending money. If you only pay attention to increased income without paying full attention to the reduction in spending, what does the increase in income mean?

We should ask ourselves a little bit if we have used the purpose currency? If so, the money has left the hand but it certainly has a more valuable object than it. So when you spend money on spending, you have to think in advance whether "this expense is necessary", if you regularly consider this question, the efficiency of capital use will be enhanced.

b. Distant room Today, perhaps some people think: "income growth is the most important, if only relying on savings is too conservative". This concept assumes that just increasing income, earning a lot, spending more, is more important than saving. Of course this concept is not incorrect. If you can "earn a day to fight", spending a little too much will not work out. But most people are not "earning gold every day" or not being able to earn forever. So "it is easy to pick up words from which to succeed and to collect from success".

Perhaps someone will ask: "For small things that are too concerned and too stingy, how can you do big things?". The logical answer is: "No! Not being careful, not caring about small things won't do a big job, even if you do it will fail ”. This is the philosophy that the ancients said: "A dwelling house without sweeping, how to sweep people?"

c. Should not be miserable, stingy the necessary expenses Our concept is to spend money to spend when necessary and reasonable. Perhaps there will be protesters who say, "doing so will make you lose your face too much." Rest assured! Not to the extent of this, it is still mainly to be on your own, not because the face is not necessary but trying to spend money is right.

If you spend money on unnecessary things until you need to have a right goal, then it will be the most embarrassing. Therefore, the concept of proper financial management is to spend money to think, to have a plan. Money should not be spent, try not to digest, when you need to spend, you are not stingy.

d. Knowing the time to spend money The time to spend money is very important. For example, when stock investment can only buy ten thousand shares, if the stock slips, it can buy two thousand, because the value of money excludes unspecified factors, the latter two thousand shares of course are of course The value must be higher than 10,000.

If you compare people who bought houses before, in the past year with recent home buyers, you can find a huge difference. People who previously bought when money was very valuable so much cheaper. When inflation is severe, it is a good opportunity to invest in real estate. Currently buying a house must confirm that it will be much more profitable than 10 next year.

e. Seizing the opportunity to make money There are some people who are considered "players of capital turnover", that is, they are good at choosing opportunities to spend money. Good financial managers will know how to make money while the economy grows and wait until the inflation starts to invest.

That is the opportunity. As long as you understand the timing of grasping the opportunity, bringing money to invest, naturally will make money increase. In short, it is the same money but only need to invest differently, the efficiency is also very different.


Money is a double-edged sword, the key is how you use it. For modern people, learning to know how to manage finance scientifically will definitely achieve the idea want to be dominant, really become the owner of money.

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