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5 FaceBook Advertising Cost Saving

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5 FaceBook Advertising Cost Saving


Previously, Facebook advertising was a very new field at the time, it was very well known and they made a lot of money. At that time I just started doing business, so I also tried to import some Chinese goods that I saw people selling for sale, when I didn't know anything, I just copied the content, pictures, and videos of others. then I ran ads, then I also earned money. At that time it was easy, no need to know anything, just knowing how to import goods and following people's instructions was enough. Facebook advertising is very easy, just click the ad, wait for approval and of course, it takes a fee, then the customers order, call and ship, the business process back then. Now there are many business people like that, I don't do business like that anymore.

In the past, the type of business that copy content, videos, images, etc. of other people to advertise for sale would be easy to earn, but now it is not so easy because the cost of advertising increases, If you don't "update" your marketing knowledge, you'll lose a lot of money. In the past, you only need to invest in 5 -10 million to earn money.

So what causes Facebook ads to be so easy and why do so many people have problems advertising Facebook?


First reason leaves by product. If you choose mass products that mean products that are sold like cosmetics, clothes .... Inefficient advertising will be very high, especially when you are new. Facebook's algorithm is when there are many people doing business with the same product, Facebook will charge according to the auction style, it will give priority to: the first person with the most money, the stuff is the person with good content or for those who know how running ads. Therefore, if your product has many sellers, there will be huge competition. You can understand that Facebook is selling advertising to you, so it will give priority to those who have a lot of money, just like you do business, if anyone has a lot of money you will prioritize that person; Facebook is the same. If your market has a lot of money, then traffic will fall into those people.

For example: Optimize running ads - If you sell clothes or 1 products, how do you make a lot of money with Lazada, Tiki ... you can't spend too much money on advertising like they can.

And so, when many people advertise 1 products with you, the advertised price will increase; The more competition, the less effective advertising. That is the law of supply and demand.

The second reason: When you copy other people's content, images or videos and upload them, Facebook can check and know. At that time, Facebook will evaluate you low and the price will increase. When people know you do business, Facebook ads are effective, people will rush into Facebook business and accidentally make advertising prices soar. Facebook will control the stores, your products are tighter and it will constantly update. Many people say "Today Facebook ads again stormed, running without selling goods ..."Of course, when more and more people advertise, Facebook will lose more to control and it will have to update regularly to manage information and advertising of users. If you only have 1 Facebook sales channels, when Facebook updates the algorithm, every time it changes something, you will die, those days may not sell anything, you will be in great trouble. It is also 1 of the causes that make you fail when doing Facebook business. Remember, Internet Marketing is not just about Facebook; People use Facebook a lot because it is used by many people, it gets a lot of customer information so the Facebook advertising channel is popular.

In short, the problems that make you business, Facebook advertising fail: The first is because your product is easy to copy, the second is that you have less money - you are a new person, you have less money so you have to invest more to write content, which is Facebook often update, change algorithms - The more people join, the more issues arise, Facebook must update regularly to control information, user data, which is because you only have one sales channel - you only have one Facebook channel, if it is If you change the algorithm or have problems, you will "Spend" . So, internet business is not just a Facebook business. If you sell a profitable item, you can buy something like that "Cozy" all for Facebook ads, you don't have any interest.

Also, what is a huge cause of losing a lot of money for Facebook advertising?

That's because you sell it to the customer right away. Remember, it is only effective with old-fashioned sales, meaning you sell every day and people place orders. Now, customers have more choices, more doubts, more hesitation, the first time you advertise, they are not sure they have bought, you will lose more money for advertising. According to statistics, more than 30% of users on Facebook are looking for information but they are not up to purchase. You have repeatedly surfed Facebook and ignored the ads, right, your customers are too; If you go on blameless advertising, the money you earn may not be equal to the cost when you advertise.

Eg : when you go out to meet someone; first met but you told me " Love me!" it is difficult for people to agree. Likewise, if you first create sales information and you say "Buy it, buy my favor, my product is the best in the world ..." surely no one buys because they will be suspicious, they will not believe you.

To assist you in solving these problems, today I will guide you to five ways to optimize your Facebook advertising costs, which will help you maximize the profit on your customers when you business. The ways I share are based entirely on my experiences in the business process on Facebook.


The first way: NICHE

Your product must be in some niche market, it must be a unique, strange product, meaning that product is less business. The niche market is the market where only you have a business, then the road will be very open and you alone go. It can be concluded that the first way that I recommend


If you want to choose such a niche, you must return to the question: "What do customers want?"

What customers want, a certain group has specific needs that no one has addressed and then you will play a role as the problem solver for them. Remember, business is solving problems for others, so if you do business, ask questions constantly. "What's your problem? ""Can I help them?" . If you import mass products, you will face a lot of competition, but if you find a niche, then you will move very fast because only you sell the product so the price of advertising will be cheaper. , easier to sell, no competition.


Write content so that when customers pass through your ad, they have to stop and read the ad carefully. Learn how to write 1 content better, more attractive for your customers to read all your ads and access your link. Why?

Remember, Facebook is like the world's largest news site, it has no content, but, " intelligence" Facebook shows that it will deliver the most relevant information to the right people. For example, you are someone who likes to play soccer, it will often distribute but information about soccer to you; you are a traveler, it will distribute that information to your Facebook ……. That is the strength of Facebook.

It can be said that the content of the article is extremely important. For example: If you have a newspaper, the first page of the newspaper will be the hottest news, the news that the journalist wants the reader to read the most. Facebook is the same.

Advertising is the most interactive, the best content, it will be pushed first. If you advertise, your content is bad, it will push your ad down because your ads will be less interactive. The first ad is always the most viewed ad, the lower the position ad, the less attention is given. If your content is too poor, Facebook will push your ad down so that few people see it and the price will be higher, good content writers will cost less.

What content is good to show? That is interaction. Please see if your ad has a comment, share it, like it or not. For example, 10 people who have access to your ad, Facebook will recognize that your content is good and appropriate, it will push your ad up and lower the cost.


You must identify the target customer you are targeting, which will help you reduce advertising costs. So, why is that?

Example like this: You sell bikinis that you advertise for men, so do you spend a lot of advertising money? Of course it is true because they will not buy and you will continue to lose advertising money. In the absence of interaction, Facebook will identify that your ad is inappropriate.

There are a few notes on Facebook to help you identify the right customers:

Geographical location:

Your market depends on where you sell. For example, if you sell modern, fashionable clothes, you have to sell in big cities, if you bring those products to sell in the countryside, there will be very few people buying because they have not seen and cannot afford. pay.

Get accurate audience information, how old, where, what interests ……, the more specific customer information, the more you reduce advertising costs.

SO Thich
Demographic characteristics

Remember, business must find the right people, finding the right friend will save costs. Wanting to save money on Facebook ads must identify customers, not miscellaneous advertising.

Wednesday way: MEASURE

What is measurement?

Measurement is the most important thing of marketing people. Measure so you know which ads are effective for you to focus on that ad. You can create multiple ads and see which ads are the most effective, the lowest cost for you to focus on.

Anyone who first advertises is not confident that he advertises effectively. Effective advertisers have to "test" many times, they measure campaigns and check out which campaigns are the most interactive, most ordered, most profitable. For example: If you have a campaign, your first campaign will run away with 2đ and in there are 100.000 comments but only 2 buyers; You can also run the campaign 1, and you will have to use 2 comments in it, and you can order. If you are a calculating person, I believe you will choose the 100.000 campaign. That's why you need to measure, need to check in, need to create many campaigns, research Facebook reports and to do this you should use a higher program: Facebook Ads Power Editor - it will Help you advertise and measure campaigns more effectively.


You need to create a sale. The reason that you lose so much money is:

The first time Facebook ads are you will immediately advertise your sales, which is what most of you do on Facebook are doing. When they advertise the sales article, there will be a few buyers, notice if there are any viewers of your post, only 1000 who click on your ad. I have a question for you. Article th XNXX is when you have 100 who clicked on it and only about XNXX buyers, so what about the other person?

You are losing a lot of money to have customers but you are losing a lot of things in the front, you have more than 198 people viewing ads but they do not interact, you lose more than XNXX who click on the ads but they still don't buying . Looking at that situation, people have come up with a way to call a sales funnel, it allows you to pay 10 - 1000 VND for 100 click the ad but the back side is still profitable.

And, if you have 10 customer people from Facebook adsSo where is that customer?

And, if you have 10 customers after that, what about 10 old guests?

You will return to the same process I described above. At that time, you will spend a lot of money on Facebook advertising without knowing. Sales funnel will save you those costs, it is the secret of those who do Internet Marketing. Why are they always free and free? . I suggest you sit back and write about a product or service that you can give away completely free. You sell goods at a very high cost but when you advertise for free, there will be a lot of people who click on it. Many people like it for free, when they see it for free, they will jump in.

I recommend that you define a certain product or service for free such as ebook, video .... somehow and advertise it. When you advertise for free, the cost will be very small, but please get back to the customer information section, you need to have 1 system in the back and it will regularly take care, talk to customers, sales. ... ..and you take your customers from free to higher levels to sell. This is a secret that will help you save advertising costs.

Don't rely solely on Facebook, if you rely solely on Facebook, you will spend a lot of money. If you have a sales funnel, you will create thousands of customers. So, create a sales funnel. First: create free product 1, then help customers buy 1 products at low prices so that everyone can buy and those who don't reject the offers, customers will be happy When you buy a cheap product, then you can sell your product. At that time, you will have very high sales because customers have had time to interact with you. Also, when things give away for free, people will introduce many more people, but if you sell, no one will introduce you.

When you have a buyer, it is an extremely valuable asset, please take care of them very carefully and I suggest building 1 customer care system that automatically takes care of old customers, because, Selling to old customers is easier than new customers. For example: If you sell cosmetics, if you have an item, please call them and ask them, "Have you used it all?" And "You have a preference for old customers ..." yours. Extremely easy and you just lost 2 phone call. Please provide your higher quality products or can link with others to sell other products. It is a way to help you save advertising costs while profits increase by up to 200 times.

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