Do Sales Need a Plan?

SALES NEEDS BOOKS KO ??? - FB An Nguyen Chia Se

Does Sales Need a Book?

Here I would like to share the real story that I have used 1 stratagem in the middle horse racing story Dien Ky with Qi WangTon Tan is the one who devised this plan.

To make it easier for us to imagine, An Nguyen has told a story about horse racing as follows:

+ Qi Vuong often organized horse races with the aim to improve the martial spirit of the whole people. He himself joined this game. Dien Ky participated several times but failed.

The rules of the game are like this: The horse is divided into three categories, the good horse is ranked "superior", the average horse is in line "middle", the horse is in the middle of "low". If there are two wins in three races, then it is won. Between these three classes, its speed was also not far away. Therefore, it is only the team that wins the defeat. However, the horse in Qi Wang's bow was full of good horses, good horses, so a race for the king would win.

This race, Dien Ky also proceeded as before, and ended up losing. When Dien Ky went home to Ton Tan to donate to Dien Ky

#kế this. Ton Tan advised Dien Ky to take horse type 3 to fight Qi Vuong's horse type 1, accept defeat of 1 first.

Then use horse type 1 to fight Qi Vuong's horse type 2. Horses of the type 2 fight against the horse type 3 of Qi Vương. Winning 2 / 3 to win will win.

Dien Ky found it reasonable, applied and won the victory..that kind of story.


A few years ago, I had a walking shop because I was very busy, the day the bus was inhaling the noodles, in my mind, I always loved the paranoid thoughts "how to get rich for Facebook! And I started selling teddy bears from the X-ray / 20 to the end of the box with the price of VND 200 / month.

- The first sale of the content I wrote has content like this:

My shop sells bear 3 size 1m2 1m4 and 1m6. In there are regular tedy and super big teddy. Basically super big and often it is not significantly different.

When customers ask super big size, I sacrificed the size of the model, I took the size. . The super large type of EXUMXm1 is the one that I have changed, the difference is much higher than the opponent's. In addition, my price is only equal to the opponent, still ensuring interest. I would like to remind you that the details are selling bears interest from 2 - 1% from time to time. I entered 4, I often sell 1k, of course that year I ran an advertisement less competitive than this year, and to be honest, I don't have an opponent in the radius of 30m. Because not many people know how to run ads in their area, their second one is the only one using a vacuum machine to suck baby bears, transport costs are reduced, customers are also more ok.

- Sales phase of 2:

I write content like this, I sell bear 1m3 1m5 and 1m7. In fact, it is still the old size but I changed so to compete with the shop running terrible ads from Hanoi. I have transformed my bear's eyes into another eye, so that guests can ask based on that information to cut the wind. I have suggested the workshop to give me cheaper eyes, but it still ensures aesthetics and is different from the competition.

This is just the trick I give to resisting customers, how to get their faith. Buy and will no longer have to wonder ..


In fact, when we sell, sometimes we have to make a trick of it

Navigate customers and defeat opponents. Try to take advantage of the 1 antagonistic battle a few tricks. Not every good product is cheap and you have defeated them. Be prepared for situations where customers ask about their products. Room available to counter, invest in very small things to make a difference. I have defeated many other competitors with pictures (I hired both the model and the photographer, not playing the network image, very cheap), with bear eyes (cheap but different), By the plan Sun Yin donated to Tianji. Maybe you will find it funny because I take forever to sell the bear to talk, here I just tell what I have practically applied. And I find it effective. Please read that technique and think why you should change the 2m1 3m1 and 5XXXUMUMN and change the bear eyes. If there is no difference, do not expect to compete with a big competitor. They have been ahead of us for a long time. This is a good way to apply all items and be applied in the competitive strategy of large enterprises, if you pay close attention, you will see immediately. The need for sales also includes the diversification of products, so it is recommended to have 1 200 types for customers, thereby giving the most optimal method.

But wait, understand yourself, then think about how to sell it!

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