High-end Segment Real Estate And Behavior How?


High-end Segment Real Estate And Behavior How?

Facebook Member Phan Toan Chia share

Today I will analyze the current hottest Facebook industry, in particular #Real estate High-end segment. So the client file in this niche they have HOBBY AND ACTS how?

Talking a little about their wealth, this file is extremely rich, they care much about houses, furniture, high-end services, high-end hobby ... in general, all are handicapped and contain words "premium" lock. You should read on if you feel pale .

First you Phan Toàn share the analysis of interests and behaviors of customers in this segment as follows:

Secondly: They like the pages about FURNITURE Specifically as follows: Indoor furniture: high-end salon, high-class furniture, high-class carpet .... Next is INTERIOR DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION, accompanied by HOME DECORATION.

2: They like high-end brand pages about: PREMIUM FASHION, HIGH-GRADE WATCHES, HIGH-GRADE MOTORCYCLE (MEZ, AUDI ...) And don't forget they used it ALCOHOL
= >> Ra is another Target Target XNXX like above.

3: They like to go TRAVEL Specific: the Foreign tour For example: France, Singapore, South Korea ....
= >> Ra get 1 some other hobbies.

4: Some files are investment forms and are interested in pages about: REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT AND INVESTMENT BANK
= >> Ra is 2 other target for AE.

5: They have an interest in marketing pages, business magazines, publishers, communities ....
This section only expands, because if this target AE is often diluted, large pages often have a lot of interest and in many different segments ...

NEXT: About their behavior and little 1 about demographics

XUMX: They often use mobile phones and tablets to access Facebook, because they are business files, store owners, managers ...
In this section: AE can choose to own Iphone, Samsung in different lives (expand target), and I recommend AE to choose Iphone

2: They tend to click on posts and interact on POST: like, comment when they have a need or are interested in POST when displayed. (hint: AE can run POST interaction, for 1 the number of files that are not prone to open can run forrm (Lead Ads), besides, AE should try with Ads Video very cheap and high viral.

3: They usually gather in big cities because this is obvious , for AE running locatione, you can find out more areas or districts that focus on these objects: Phu Nhuan, District 1, District 2, Tan Binh ....

4: This file is mostly male, making up the total number of 2 / 3. Usually married and single objects (AE removes the remaining objects). And most of them graduated from university


Finally: This file will contain most of the wealthy, sometimes rich, it is important that AE thinks from its suggestions above ... it is not just for high-end real estate but for for every career that lies in their interests.

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