How is Quality Backlink Identified?

Bai viet JOURNEY TO FIND QUALITY BACKLINK SOURCE IN VIETNAM be you Optical silicon share below:

What is backlink? What is quality backlink?

About 1 months ago, Quang started to look for quality backlinks and methods to build them.

Having 3 way to make popular building link now is to pull traffic from social network, shoot GSA and use PBN. All three ways you need to take a long time to learn, experiment and consider, because two ways to end up with potential risks.

To mitigate risks, Quang started with a more universal and secure way of posting information on forums, classifieds and e-commerce floors selectively.

It is also a natural way that any company should do when they want to promote their brand on the Internet environment, even if they intend to do it. SEO or not.

In order to collect information on these websites globally, it is impossible and unnecessary, but if it is only done in Vietnam, Quang can.

Quang will do it first, sum up a list, then publish them to the SEO community in Vietnam.

At that time, you do SEO when you come to this stage, they just need to identify the topic of their website, then select the quality backlink source from the list, then build link building.

You will not need to go through the pre-search and sorting stages to spend a lot of time and effort, thereby saving a huge amount of resources.

Optical starts from data of Ahrefs. Quang downloaded the list of Top 20 million Ahrefs Global ratings, then loaded into URL Profiler to collect information.

After 30 weeks, based on the domain name, Name Server and IP Country, Quang gathered about XNXX website with the highest Domain Rating index (UR> = 1).

After finishing, Quang published the list here:

After finishing the job, Quang was also exhausted and delayed the project, so he had to stop everything to return to his daily work, putting aside the unfinished things.

Later on, during the process of using the list of Top 10 of Ahrefs Vietnam, Quang found that it had many disadvantages.

First, the multi-page list is spam, because when Quang synthesis only filtered by a single criterion is Ahrefs DR> 40.

DR is not very good because it only needs to shoot a lot backlink As Ahrefs DR will increase, it doesn't matter if the backlink is of good quality. The best way is to create a filter strong enough to eliminate malicious domains.

Previously, during manual processing, Quang created a spam filter. Quang increased the difficulty of this filter to nearly double, then pressed it to the list of Top 4.000 Vietnam. As a result, 1.300 domain is gone, only 2.700 domain remains.

Secondly, the topics have not been aggregated yet. Quang identifies the topics of each site, but has not collected and categorized them into large groups.

Assuming you SEO about functional foods, the backlink source from Health, Health (Healthy) is the most quality. Then, you need to filter Excel manually from that list table again to get what you need. This is not difficult, but many people who are unfamiliar with Excel will not do this.

Another factor was that Quang had previously used URL Profiler and Majestic to get the topic. About XNXX% domain Quang get information from Majestic, there will be enough 50 threads, while 10% of the remaining domains get data from URL Profiler, so there are only 50 topics. Since then, the amount of topics available will be short of a large array.

The third is that Quang has not yet obtained the title of the website. If you only look at the domain name, it is very difficult to know their content.

For example, with the domain, you know they sell water pumps. But with brand-name domain like, you cannot guess their topic is the Study Abroad Consultant Netherlands.

And finally, after finding a relevant and quality website, you need to contact the administrator to place banner / guest post / negotiate backlink exchanges. Calling is also possible, but mass mailing is a quick way to do it in large quantities and save money. Quang's list of tables is not available for this email list.

For these reasons, Quang decided to rake more data again to overcome the above disadvantages.


The biggest challenge is Majestic, because to get the relevant topic, Quang must use the Topical function Trust Flow in Majestic.

The best way is to add the Majestic API to the URL Profiler, then run the program to get big data automatically. However, the Majestic API is too expensive (400 USD / month), and Quang could not find a place to buy the same account.

If you use free mode of URL Profiler, they limit checking domain / day and 500 topics / domains, but cannot check the large and full domain number of topics like Majestic.

There is only one way, is to rake Majestic data manually.

From the list of EXUMX domains above, Quang retrieves each of them and loads them into Majestic, and downloads their backlinks. Only in that backlink, will it contain enough full 4.000 topics to find. If you have a photoperiod, you can take a breath.

At the end of the data collection step, Quang gets about 1.000 Excel file backlink list. Quang moved through the second stage of processing raw data.

It is a persistent process of linking Excel files, eliminating duplicates, filtering languages, removing partial domains.

Because he wanted to protect the integrity of the data, Quang did not group them all, but divided them into parts to handle, so if there was any damage, Quang could still regain it to recover information. .

Quang uses KuTools for Excel to merge Excel files into small groups, then assembles many small groups into larger groups.

This work is like pyramid construction, boring and monotonous. Turn on the program, press 3 button within 10 minutes sequentially, finish the work, then repeat the process several times for the end of the data block.

It made Quang think he was like a real SEO worker, without thinking and muscular, but that was the kind of job that killed his passion most quickly.

After processing the raw data, Quang moved through the assembly process. Quang bought data from My Addr and ran URL Profiler to get more data, thereby creating a spam filter, then carrying it to destroy malicious and low-quality domains.

Finally, after having a complete list, Quang ran the URL Profiler one more time to get the website title information, website classification and webmaster's contact email address.


After nearly 20 months of working, dealing with about 800GB of Excel data and filling many cans of Beef, Quang also created a source of quality backlink list in Vietnam. They have the following indicators:

- Ahrefs DR> 30.
- Moz PA, Moz DA, Citation Flow> 15.
- Trust Flow> 10, Moz Core Spam <6.
- Pass the Google Safe Browser API test.

Optical classifies them into main topics, like Majestic's classification, including:

1. Adult - Adult.
2. Arts - Arts, Entertainment.
3. Business - Business, Trade.
4. Computers - Computers, Electronics.
5. Games.
6. Health - Health, Health.
7. Home - Family, Home appliances.
8. News - News, Newspapers.
9. Recreation - Art, Creativity.
10. Reference - Education, Reference.
11. Regional - Geography, Region.
12. Science - Science and Technology.
13. Shopping - Shopping.
14. Society - Society, Administration.
15. Sports - Sports.
16. World - World, Foreign.

Most of the Quang domain have collected website titles, classified platforms (Blog, Forum, CMS, Shopping ...), age and email of webmaster contact.

You can see here:

Good luck !!!


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