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✔</s>In section 1 of this series, I have defined, Content is good to attract readers to read from beginning to end, no matter how long it is. It must be so attractive that readers have to stop watching TV to read, stop chatting to read, stop other activities to focus on reading. Because if they are distracted without continuing to read, even if the article is worth anything, they won't feel anything!

✔</s>You should remember that customers who do not read the article will never buy, not read, not convinced by your reasoning, not reading, never having the action you want (like, comment, share, tag you, leave email, phone number ..). What effect do you write even more?

✔</s>Thus the extremely important factor of the article is the attraction. It must attract readers to read from beginning to end. This is the mandatory content.

✔</s>So how do people read all of your content from beginning to end?
The first sentence of the content - is the title - must be attracted to the reader to read the verse of 2.
The second sentence must be attractive to people to read the second sentence.
The second sentence must be attractive to people to read the second sentence
... until you read your first paragraph

✔</s>When people read the first paragraph of the content, they will have 1 the momentum to read on. From the second part, you no longer need to attract each word, but just the paragraph gives value: the more values ​​the better, but the least need is 2 in 1 value type that I mentioned in previous post. They are: product value, entertainment value, value of understanding, fake emotion. Of course the best way is the first sentence of a paragraph to be able to lead people to read the next sentence! If this technique is applied, then your article will be read out long. That is the first condition of an influential content

✔</s>But what technique will we use to do this?
Please type:
Curious minds of readers. People were born with curious curiosity, which helped them to find out what the world identified as food, what enemies were to avoid. If you observe, you will see that a child has something that he or she will be ignoring, aiming to see if he can eat it. Seeing something new, he also grabbed it, put it in the tasting, and smashed it.

Curiosity helps him explore the world. Curious mind is one of the instincts that helps people survive. And thanks to it, people discover the world, study science, create great things. Everyone is curious, please attract readers with their curiosity

Benefits: people always want to receive benefits. In order to survive, people always get the benefits and aim to it. Using bait is the benefit you will get readers to read your article. However, the righteous people and the non-righteous people are different in that the righteous person uses the real bait, what is said in the article or the title is exactly what the reader receives. For those who are not righteous, what is said in the title is simply a bait but not a real value. It is often the readers' ultimate desire, the highest and ideal desire, not feasible.

For example: "The secret to becoming a millionaire in USD 30 years, the secret to having a single XNXX / day, optimizing ads to get a single XUM / day

If you do not believe, then read all the titles above, then apply and tell me the results.

Of course you know, it is much easier and more attractive to say what the reader wants and is not feasible than saying what is desirable and must be feasible. The author is righteous and unpopular at this point.

Difference: To attract, the content must be different. Readers may have read many of the same things, the same industry, the same products so that to attract readers, what you say must be different from what they have read, heard. The difference can be in your mind, in your expression, in your style. For example, many people may have used beautiful words when talking about cosmetic fashion. Still talking about the beautiful issue, but to differentiate, you express differently, for example: beautiful beauty, outstanding beauty, beautiful crazy, gentle, beautiful, gentle, beautiful, passionately beautiful, people look, beautiful, indescribably beautiful, more beautiful than beautiful, more beautiful than before, beautiful and ecstatic, beautiful from head to toe, beautiful and addictive, beautiful to love, beautiful to cause, beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous ...

Feelings and experiences: emotions are the goal of a person's life, no matter what you do, you end up wanting to have feelings from that action.

For example, if you do everything to be rich, your assets may be your goal at first glance, but deep down inside, the feeling of people praising you talent, praising the rich, the feeling Safety no longer worries about money anymore, the feeling of people around admiring, the feeling of being able to help loved ones and getting their joy, is your ultimate goal. If there is no more emotion, for example when you are rich, no one will praise you, no one admires you, no sense of security about money (for example someone can take your property any way) when), no one is happy when you help or you are not happy to help others, then you will no longer want to get rich.

Emotion is the motive of action, and experience helps people achieve emotional state. Therefore emotions and experiences are the most effective factor to lead the readers' attention. When you create positive emotions where readers will continue to read to get another emotion or maintain existing emotions.

We have gone through 4 elements that make it appealing to content, but how to apply it?
Please read my next post!

Bao Kiem

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