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Success Is A Demonstration Of The Labor Process


Success Is A Demonstration Of The Labor Process

- Hi, my friends are Hai. As promised today I will share how to sell effectively (this is my own experience not based on any theory or book, this article only applies to new and I don't know how to issue an application, I'm not holding a finger and teaching step by step, but I only teach you how to develop your own ways. )

- We analyze together how sales advertising is called efficiency. Simply put, we spend money promoting our products and getting back orders, costs don't exceed profits, it is effective QC. The level of effectiveness is considered on the fact that you give up VND28X and collect how much interest. So how do we have effective QC models ??? We start from analyzing products.

+ Choosing which products to sell is the decisive factor for the success. A good product must have high demand, low supply, high use value, easy dispersion, reasonable price and difficult to copy ... So how to find good products, only 70 only way Just think about it and search for it, search relentlessly, you can find out, you can shout at 1 the number of foreign e-commerce sites to get photos and run parameters to see if the feedback is good, or observing things in everyday life also gives you a lot of ideas. In my computer, I currently have more than 1 groups of products tested and running well, just wait until a reasonable time to get used. But everyday, I still give up a few hours to find new and updated products. Next time I may share half of that number for you to support the fee because the time is quite ripe, but I do not have time to do it, I will say inbox to avoid fighting. , if you feel that certain people are capable of matching certain sp groups that I have.

+ When we have a good product, how do we run advertising for the highest efficiency and the cheapest, the highest conversion rate ...

- Before sharing this, I tested a lot of QC methods, and found that the more new products you target the more you lose and it requires a lot of experience, we have behavioral analysis By heaven by sea, it is impossible to create a portrait of customers who do not try, especially for Vietnamese users. Information declared on fb is only true 20%. Now there are still a lot of young people who live virtually to inform themselves that they are the director and the director. So you keep targeting deep if you want to face a high failure rate.

- "HIGH PEOPLE OF SALES IS CREATING NEEDS" so I can take the example: you watch TV shows 1 water section for gymnastics, and every day you watch TV is also tortured by that model. ) you want to go crazy with it. Then, you can decide to go to the gym to improve your health, you can run DC half an hour around the pool. drink what kind of water. Then how do you answer? Comment below ...

Source: FB Tran Trung Hai

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