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After reading this article, you will be able to answer the following questions:

- Why is it when you are angry or when you are afraid your heart is beating fast but you can't make it?
- Why content makes people see the emotion (or sale emotionally for customers), then sell more goods / or get more actions like like, share, comment?
- What is the relationship between emotions and needs and desires of people?


- Although I have searched many scientific documents to write this article but its conclusions have not been verified by science, you need to consider this before reading
- Posts may be difficult to understand. Although I tried to write as storytelling, it may still be difficult to understand, in this case you just need to see the conclusion and read the application in the next lesson.
- If you are not sure what, please help me to leave a comment for me to know your questions

I will tell you a story. When creating people on earth, God implanted a special thing into the human body. Over thousands of years, this thing still exists in the human body, and is inherited to the later. Even today you may not be able to see its expression, but this really affects all human behavior.

In the past, people did not live in a peaceful world like today. They have to feed every day by hunting and gathering, they face enemies that are wild animals like tiger, leopard, lion, snake, crocodile ... In the natural world there is no justice, no moral, not evil. Only die or survive: survive or die. Facing an enemy just a second later can ... melt and become their food. Facing an enemy that humans are weaker than they will become good prey. It was at those times that humans used what God had built in their bodies to overcome the harshness of nature. It is a survival instinct. Survival instincts are not a personality, not a part but a system. But its outward appearance is emotion. Why? Keep reading

When a person is angry before an enemy: eyes grow up, anger rises on his face, his heart is beating fast, blood is running fast. The face shows anger to the enemy terrified, heart beating fast to pump blood and get energy for the whole body, because now is the preparation of the battle. Worse will die, but more slowly will die. So these reactions happen in a split second and automatically do not need the consent of reason. Therefore, when falling into this state, people tend to shout, beat the chair, or want to beat people who are very hard to control.

Similarly, when meeting an enemy that is several times stronger, and seeing yourself in danger, people will fall into a state of fear. When scared heart beat faster because people get energy to prepare to escape. There is another version of fear that is too afraid to move. This is a fake version that dies when it is difficult to escape, not moving to make people look like plants, or senseless things, not food of evil animals.

So angry helps people against the enemy, fear helps people escape the threat of strong enemies. These two emotions help people survive in the natural world. Scientists have affirmed: "Emotion, according to the most general definition, is a nerve impulse that transforms the body into action, promotes automatic reaction behavior, which is a vital mechanism to satisfy needs. Survival ”(Originally defined here: https://www.sciencedaily.com/terms/emotion.htm).

Emotion is not just emotion, it is the state in which people prepare to act. So in order for customers to take action to purchase, leave phone numbers, or share articles ... then you have to bring them into emotional state! The stronger the emotion, the stronger the action, you will see more shares, more comments, more orders when you can put them into emotional state. Therefore content can inspire viewers' feelings to be successful content.

What about the relationship of emotions and human needs / wants?

Survival instinct is a system, it is like the center, which produces everything from basic needs to high demand. In order to survive, people must be physically met such as eating, sleeping, excreting, sex. The survival instinct has produced a state of "hunger" when falling into a hungry state, forcing you to go to foraging, it also produces a "tired" state that forces you to sleep, it also produces a "stuck" state to you excrete ... if you do not follow, you will experience unbearable discomfort (eg urination without urinating, hunger but nothing to eat, sleepiness but not being able to sleep), if you follow You will feel comfortable (the feeling of being hungry to eat, when you sleep, when you 'get' you go) ... So the survival instinct produces these kinds of emotions according to the direction: and negative to control human behavior. Positive emotions (happy, comfortable, pleasant, satisfied ..) to encourage behavior to continue to do so, negative emotions (painful, miserable, unpleasant ..) to deter people stay away from that behavior. Because of being born from survival instincts, human behaviors will aim to extend life, prolonging existence.

For example, in society people need to compete with others, people need money, need to be famous ... Therefore emotions such as jealousy, racing, desire (money, popularity) appear to motivate push you to compete with others, work for a lot of money, work for popularity ... these are called needs, desires

Thus, the needs and desires are the orientation of behavior that people will do. Emotion is a reward and punishment mechanism for people to follow that behavior.

Going back to the main issue, content that brings emotions can make customers act strongly like: sharing, commenting, buying. But how to apply? Please see my next article.

Bao Kiem
Founder Magic Content

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