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Is Cleaning Not Dirty? What do you think?

Because there is no cleanness, it is so much that you don't want to go to school in school.

Is Cleaning Not Dirty? What do you think?


Because there is no cleanness, it is so much that you don't want to go to school in school.

Going to the bathroom is not dirty!

"Severe walking" is an important physiological activity that needs to be considered to establish a healthy lifestyle for children. Although it gives an unpleasant impression, the toilet is not dirty.

Yet, many Japanese children now think that "going to the toilet is very dirty". Even if at school, "going heavy" may be the cause of being bullied by friends.

According to a survey of urban primary schools in Asahi City, Hokkaido, an average of about one-quarter of children go to the toilet and over 20% of the school toilets are not used. The reason is that the feeling of being too clean leads to the feeling that the child always has bacteria or discomfort with their excretion. But in fact, this situation is completely contrary to nature.

Toileting is a measure of health

Parents need to teach children that the habit of toileting is very important and is an indispensable physiological activity of people. After breakfast, if you feel a need, you should go to the bathroom immediately.

Besides, you should teach your child that toileting is a measure of health. For example, if the health is good, when going to the toilet, you will see a normal smell; or if you have diarrhea, your body is dehydrated.

Recently, the number of children with constipation also tends to increase. This condition can be identified by baby's health characteristics such as fatigue and poor concentration.

Children also have a certain interest in excretion. For example, if you hear an adult grumbling: "You go too dirty, let go of water!" Then they will also be affected by that attitude.

Parents should tell their children that going to the bathroom is not dirty, nor is it embarrassing.

After you "go heavy", you can joke with your child: "You are good today! "; Or to encourage children, it can be said: "Yesterday's carrot plate, I don't know if there's anything left, I clean up my stomach!" If my parents can joke about going to the toilet, then Children will understand that after eating, it is necessary to go to the toilet.

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