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  1. Faith:

Many parents think that they are not educators, no nature and ability to educate their children. In fact, it is not like that, because of the problem, the attitude is always in the top position, and the ability always ranks second. Parents who can read and write, can laugh, why not refer to some educational books. If you really build up the belief that you want to educate your children successfully, I believe you will not regret your efforts to embark on action.

  1. Observe:

In everyday life you need to observe carefully the potential abilities of children. Carefully observe and detect children's problems, find out the strengths and weaknesses of children to make timely adjustments and promote them. When I was young, I loved eating ice cream sticks in a blue container, seeing that the blue container was reaching for my hand, without knowing that the trash was made in blue, so sometimes I stuck my hand in the trash. That at least shows that I am very hungry. It's just a funny story, but in everyday life many big things have to do as small things, things that are hard to do as easy, develop and develop the potential of good or bad children are determined by the level meticulous observation or not.

  1. A good chance:

In life there is always a chance for children to show their potential, but because parents do not know how to take it. Many parents do not like their children as class officers, saying that being a class officer does not accumulate anything that easily affects academic achievement, but the truth is quite the opposite, people in each other position each other will have the opportunity to practice different accountability. Children who are class officers will have more opportunities to practice and improve their personality. Parents should pay attention to the learning effectiveness of their children, care about quality, not quantity. Let your child be a completely independent person, that's the bloody child, not the learning-only machine.

  1. Practise:

If the child really does not have a potential training environment, parents need to pay attention to creating that environment for the child. For example, children should be encouraged to actively participate in school activities and other useful social activities, if possible, parents should accompany their children in a number of activities on the day. holidays, holidays, Tet. Thereby, children discover their own advantages, forging their confidence. That is really the motivation for children's actions.

  1. Encourage:

The motivation for children's actions is not pressure from the outside world but a measure of inner strength. Encouraging children is to promote the inner mind of children to move forward, turning external pressures into internal motivation. When children learn not to enter, give them a try from the simplest lessons. When you have some progress, you should encourage and encourage your child. Thus will stimulate the passion of learning of children, training motivation and help children build trust in life.

My teacher Ta Luu Giai, a professor of economic management at Peking University, a great woman. When I was in Beijing, I once sat and talked to her during 6 hours. She said it all, even the usual words she didn't like, she had a remarkable past and experience:

She was born in Shandong. Going to primary school, she was considered by her parents to be a good child, teachers considered a good student. But in the second year of school, her academic performance went down quickly, she often went out to eat and play, and she chased with spoiled friends. At first, she did not do homework, then skipped school, people always considered her a bad child at school, and she was forced to drop out of school more than once.

Once, the homeroom teacher asked to meet her parents to announce that she was forced to drop out of school. Her father had asked the teacher many times and the school agreed to keep her to challenge because of her father's deep love for children. After that, her father cried and said to her: "Can I let you live more, do you know how I have to ask the teachers today?" If you're still my father's daughter, leave those bad friends away, live like a real person! ”Normally he was cold to her, but today he said his honest advice. Moreover, this is the first time Liu Zi saw his father cry.

The next day, Luu Giai went to school and told the teachers: "Madam, I guarantee that from now on it will not be the same as before. I will try to study ”. The teacher did not feel surprised because she was accustomed to the guarantees of Liu Giai. Liu Giai told his bad friends, "If you're still my friends, please stay away from me, I have to study seriously from now on." At the end of the second semester of 7, she was Having lost all the knowledge of a year, she had to re-learn all the lessons that had been ignored before, and eventually she was the head of the exam that year.

But children are still children after all, young people are extravagant. There is a bit of achievement, Luu Giai Duong Duong Duong is self-sufficient, taking the entrance exam to the key high school of the province. She played with bad friends again, skipped school, did not do her homework and often left home to go to dust. By the year of the year of the year 11 had to study socially or naturally, she did not know what she should learn, because even the normal learning of what she did not know. She went to ask the teacher: "Teacher! Should I study in a social discipline or a natural industry? ”Then the teacher answered:“ It is best if you go home! Why can you be the leader in the provincial level examinations? That is the humiliation of our province, I definitely stole someone's post to enter the school, this school is a high school, there should be no students like me. ” These words awaken the dreamy man, hitting the self-esteem of Liu Giai.

Back home, she started burying her studies, she chose to study socially and determined to take a test in literature. Starting from that day, Liu Zi's spirit of enthusiasm was more ardent than before.

She headed the whole province of Shandong during the high school graduation exam and is the valedictorian of the nation's prestigious university - Peking University.

A human being, a life of three sinks seven times, sometimes doing one thing also experiences many waves. After studying at Peking University, the old disability recurred, it was: "Jiangshan is easy to change, the nature is hard to move". She quickly found herself a boyfriend of "same direction", two people studying at the same school, he was a computer science student. Two people all day wrapped tangerines together, which is going to see the moon, watching flowers, walking around the lake, go to the roller - fishy, ​​go to the movies, sunbathing, ... She also frankly admits, four years of college living very temporarily so the academic achievement is very temporary.

As soon as she graduated, her friends went abroad to study abroad, and some people also found more jobs, some continued to study fellows. She asked her lover: "Do you have any plans for the future?" The lover answered very clearly: "I will study the graduate student!" Luu Giai said: "Okay, because my love is also Liu Giai went to find the homeroom teacher to ask about this issue. When she asked: "I want to study for graduate students, what subject should I go to?" At that time, Liu Giai remembered very well that a teacher beside the homeroom teacher had raised a voice and said no respect. What: "Maybe this kind of person also wants to do graduate studies". This statement made an impression that it couldn't be erased subconsciously, hurting her self-esteem.

She got angry out of the staff room, returned to the dormitory, she packed up all the luggage but not to go home but find another independent room. She confined herself in this room and told her lover: "Later, please come and visit me as a steward, give me food and water. If you do not study, the one who is in this place will never come to see those scary teachers! ”

Half a year passed, everyone did not understand what Liu Giai was doing, until the results of the fellowship exam were published, everyone was surprised to realize that the number one position of the master's degree list Beijing University's economic management is Liu Zi.

  1. Positive comparison

According to the survey, there are about 140% of Chinese parents who often compare their children's shortcomings to the advantages of their children. They see it as a way to encourage and educate their children. But doing so will adversely affect children. You know, there are some wives who like to compare their husbands to other husbands, how good their husbands are, how talented they are, lots of money, ... but don't realize that their husbands There is also a solid rear, gentle and good. Although there is no bad thought, but the measure and the state of psychological handling of the wrong problem has caused the divorce rate to increase. According to the survey, the current divorce rate in Beijing and China is 55%. In fact, comparison is due to the psychological state that doesn't feel satisfactory.

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