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Positive Methods for Children

  1. Compare the same type

Poor child's test performance, the most miserable is not the teacher, nor the parents but the children themselves. At that time, the first thing we need to do is to comfort the child, tell them: "This time, a little check is fine, failure must have its cause. Parents will work with their children to find out what is the cause of failure, not to be too sad, but lose confidence, where I stumble, I need to stand up in that place. ”Whatever you do, you should not always always pay attention to the loss for a moment and think about the things that will last for the future.

  1. Comparing intertwined

As above, poor test results of children should not always criticize and criticize. Do not say so much that children have tears in their eyes, cry forever and still do not know what they have done wrong, do not know how to correct the mistake.

If we tell our children: "This time, the checkpoint is a bit poor, it must be its cause. Although this time the results test is not very ideal, but compared to the previous test, the child has also made much progress, as long as he continues to strive, he will surely achieve success. This world is not only a failure forever, but only a temporary failure. ”

There are some teachers who organize activities like "I am the best" so that children can highlight their own talents and advantages.

Many children were overlooked, forgotten, became good kids who really know how to climb trees, know how to teach dogs, know how to skate, ... Children have shown their superiority to witness proving to adults, through which children feel more confident so they can do what they want.

An education expert said: “Children who are difficult to educate are children who have lost their self-esteem; easy-to-educate children are high self-esteem children. ” Educators should seek to protect their most precious thing as self-esteem. It is an important measure to cut off a child's recession.

So how to train children with self-respect?

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