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Are You Bad at Mother?

Are You Bad at Mother?

Regarding the education of children, there are sentences in folk "You are bad at me ..."This means that the child is spoiled by being too spoiled or not taught. There have been many fathers or patriarchs, considering the work of family service, caring for children is the mother's; or deny their responsibility to educate their children, so use this sentence to "condemn" the mother when the child fails. Up to now, this concept has to some extent revealed many unsuitable aspects and brought significant consequences.

Both husband and wife are university teachers. They have a boy and a girl. A while ago, due to the crisis of husband and wife life, the husband turned to drink alcohol, long time to become addicted to alcohol. It is also the time when two children are in "unfinished" age, needing the care and support of their parents mentally. Although she tried hard, she could only shape her daughter according to her own wishes, and her son was far from her mother. When I entered high school, my father's addiction and regret were too late. This is one of many examples that show spoiled children not only at mother.

Parents are examples of children. But for boys, the impact and teaching of the father is extremely important. Compared to the past, boys now have too much entertainment and entertainment, but many of them both affect their study time and spend their parents' money like video games. According to the wave of "civilization" imported from abroad, social evils are also increasing, especially injecting, drug addiction and prostitution. Many anxious parents complain that children now step out of their homes to face social evils. That worry is completely grounded because the number of children suffering from social evils is increasing. A few dozen years ago, it was rare for parents to come to school to see if they had skipped school to go online or do something else, but now it is not strange. This shows that the education of children, especially boys, is increasingly difficult and is a shared responsibility of both parents.

A few of my friends when the son came of adulthood bitterly realized that he had missed the time to train the disciplined lifestyle, the time, train the will, perseverance in real life. show purpose, ... That is to train his son to have the necessary qualities of a man. When the child needs a father, the father entrusts the responsibility of raising the child to the mother alone, and he is engrossed in the work of earning a living. So where is the role and responsibility of educating children of modern mothers? No one can deny the mother's important role in forming her personality, emotions, and lifestyle. But there are many things in common between mothers and daughters, so girls often learn and are influenced by their mothers. The closeness of the mother to her son helps to form a compassionate, regual, and caring relationship with the people around her. On the other hand, thanks to the meticulous nature, the mother can shape for them the cultural activities: knowing to do housework, walking, talking, eating and thinking, ... But, there are many other things received from father.

Men are not born but must become. Boys are only personality, bravery of men when being educated and taught by parents, in which the role of father is particularly important. Boys from birth to years of age are standing on the mother's side, from 5 to 6 aged standing and standing between parents. From 8 and older, they need the guidance of their father. And from 9 to 16 age you go to everyone. This is not really new, but since ancient times, it has circulated the story: in some tribes, when the son is up to 17 -XX-year-old, they will be taken by fire maskers to the fire cave. . That is your father and the other men in the tribe. Here, they are taught to become a man. A year after learning many things, being able to become a real man is to return home. At this time people also tell you that those who are born are not your real parents, Heaven and Earth are your parents, you must know to live in harmony and conquer Oh my God. The story above does not know how many percent is true and what percentage is legendary, but thought, its meaning is still valid today: men need to have direction! And, in order not to regret belatedly because of the broken child at the ... father, beside the mother's gentle guiding hand, she needs a strong, strong hand of the father to help them develop in the right direction.

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