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Should Develop Your Child's Power and Nature

According to the survey results, it is now possible for adults to exploit from 2 to 6% of the entire potential of children. It also means that children still have a lot of potential waiting for us to exploit. You see, our children are real geniuses, parents do not have to go far, reverse their inherent position, just slipping all their strength and spirit to exploit the child's treasure is enough.


Helen Ketty is the great deaf and mute woman of the United States in the 30th century. When she was in 19 age, she could not speak half a sentence, but by the age of 6, she had read and read Vietnamese language well, making the whole world surprised. Read the book "Hel-en autobiography", Mr. Zhou Gong unknowingly saw Helen's birthday and her daughter's birthday have coincidence. Helen's birth date is 18 month 5 year 27, while her daughter Dinh Dinh's birthday is 6 month 1880 year 29. Then, in his mind, a flash of light, a spirit of great excitement, silently thinking about this life would have coincided. He could not hold back his joy, ran like a shot home and hugged his daughter.

“Dinh Dinh, that's great, I found a great information. Father was restless, worried about why he was so smart and agile. Finally, I found the cause. Searching forever turned out to know that you are Helen's transmission. ”

The girl who did not understand immediately asked, "What proves it, Dad?"

"I see, the birth date of Helen's birthday just turned out to be correct.

"Is that right?" Dinh Dinh looked wide-eyed. "Black and white paper, not wrong one day." He pushed the book to his daughter.


Dinh Dinh hurriedly rushed over and turned over, while looking at her, she was a bit disappointed. "She was born on April 30, 2012, and she was born on April 30, two days apart."

Zhou Gong calmly explained to his daughter, "As far as I know, it is not easy to deviate a day, Helen's mother gave birth to her very easily, while her mother gave birth to a very difficult child, so she lost slowly.

At that time, Dinh Dinh's cheeks were flushed, her big round eyes, which seemed to be Helen's blood flowing strongly in her veins, the spirit of Mrs. Helen floating in her brain, she felt Like I found strength!


Dinh Dinh said that many years later, when working hard, she imagined herself as Helen. Helen gave her a tremendous strength. Mr. Zhou Gong has lost so much enthusiasm to train the feeling of genius for girls.

He took every little detail in his daughter's life and study to maintain a sense of genius, so that he could always feel his actions as an act of a genius. Developing the potential of children is not only to make the child believe in an image, but also to find the right interest of the child so that the child is full of confidence in life. At the same time, must know how to turn excitement into the motivation of children and thereby exploit the infinite potential of children.

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