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What is the difference in the process of maturity of a disabled child?


The touching story: Chu Dinh Dinh, a Chinese girl who was born deaf and dumb, became a college student in the year of the year of the year, thanks to her father's education and was sent to a graduate student in the United States to win her studies. University of Catering Do you know the girl's father only at the first level of education, but established "deaf mute kindergarten among ordinary people" and offered a whole new range of educational reasoning?

Chu Cong, her father, Chu Dinh Dinh, who is part of the generation "anything is missed." He graduated from primary school in April, went to the army and used to work as a sand shovel worker, a lathe technician in Nanjing.


Zhou Gong had a very normal life until April 30 / 27 / 6 that changed his life. His only daughter was born unwell but was born deaf and mute. Congenital deafness is very difficult to treat, despite advanced scientific equipment. In order for children to be in contact with society normally, the only way is to attend a school for deaf and dumb children.

Being a father is about 200 days, but Chu Cong has felt the suffering of a father with a deaf child. The children who came to the hospital, even though they had little or no hearing, only his Dinh Dinh was dumb and deaf, she could only hear the sounds on benign syrup (db). The parents of other children saw the doctor call him in a hurry to carry him in, and he did not dare to look at Dinh Dinh's eyes, but trembled hugging his child home.

He always said that his life was nothing, so he only wished he would be successful, but everything was hopeless.

Dinh Dinh is always self-deprecating like many other deaf and mute children. There were guests coming to her house who often hid under the table like a pitiful little animal. Sometimes she cried a lot, adults didn't know what she was thinking.

The movie "Doubtful Blood" completely changed the way of thinking of Zhou Gong. The mother in the film has a daughter with white blood disease, she still dedicates her love to her child even though she only has a chance to live. Zhou Gong thought: my daughter is just a deaf and mute child, though weak but very strong. He is determined to help me open the door to the world of sound.

The first is to cure deafness for girls, he has just treated him and read more teaching books. Dinh Dinh's ears were more than XNXX thousand stabbing needles, but there was still little improvement. Seeing that, he switched to healing his child. Once, he carried Dinh Dinh at that time, when he was about to go out, he kept pointing up the street lights and shouted at the "Lights". He screamed like that more than 30 times, more than 30 minutes, feeling like going crazy that Dinh Dinh still didn't know anything ... Just to pronounce the word "brother" Dinh Dinh had to work hard in 50 in the year. .


Except for the time to go to work, he spent the rest of his time teaching his daughter. Dinh Dinh's vision is very good, so he taught his daughter to learn words.

He invented a very interesting word game, which is written everywhere, such as on the wall, land, desk, people, hands, etc. How can I see how to write, see children crying, write and cry, Every time I go to play about the father and son full of words is the word He never asked how many words he knew, because his daughter had to work hard to learn the words.

Because of his deafness, Dinh Dinh needs to rely more on writing. She only has this path to enter the world of ordinary children. When attending primary school with ordinary children, Dinh Dinh jumped a year and two classes, gradually went on the path of success, eventually becoming the first Chinese deaf and dumb student in the United States.

Zhou Gong succeeded in teaching his daughter. Later he opened a school for deaf and dumb children. He always wanted to bring his deaf education experiences to society, helping many other deaf and dumb children. In the process of teaching Dinh Dinh, he knew how to adjust his psychology with the attitude of a father. The book greatly influenced him as "Educating children at birth" by Linh Moc Tran: "In order for children to be happy, you need to feel that you are happy, so that your children are confident, you need to be full of confidence. ”The infinite love of his father changed him: Although everyone in the world despises their children, but being a father needs to watch children with tears, hugs, praise children. Every child is born with those sacred, good feelings of parents. For you, children are the most beautiful thing in life.

Let's see how Mr. Chu Cong's feelings are in educating girls: Pronunciation sounds strange, Dinh Dinh worriedly asked his father: "Do you say yes or no father?" Then Mr. Chu Cong always answered, "My voice is like pearls clashing with each other, it sounds great."

He left the picture of a young American prodigy on his desk. Seeing his son forget to eat, forget to sleep, he happily dragged his child to the table and said, "Daughter, I see, I have achieved the first condition to be like a genius, that is to forget to eat, sleep . My son, I'm not a genius, who will be a genius? "

When 8 age, Dinh Dinh knew how to calculate 1000 units.

At that time, Mr. Zhou Gong often said: "I am a genius, my talent has proved it."

Once, Dinh Dinh suffered from poor grades in mathematics, at which time he just smiled and said: "Well, it's not like I want to make a bird nest, I'm now flying in a storm."

Mr. Chu Cong always drew the red ink under the best sentences in each paragraph so that his daughter read it aloud for the whole family to listen and applaud. Each time, she often seemed so happy that even in her dreams she would recite those sentences.

The smart index of Dinh Dinh is 105, much lower than the prodigy index of the prodigy, but Mr. Chu Cong always told his children: "Intelligence only measures memory but cannot measure agility. , enlightened, I see those faces very well. ”


Mr. Zhou Gong thinks that he is an enlightened father because "I do not teach girls but girls who are teaching me. Today, parents have only such an opportunity in life. We cannot educate ourselves, we are absorbed in "miserable" education, before the adults always ask us to think about the downside of all problems, exaggerating the difficulty, this wrong, the other is wrong, always thinking in a bad way, so for a long time we no longer know what good things are. The young heart always thinks about good things, with girls, I feel like I'm growing up like a child. Although I am the most unfortunate person in the world because I have a disabled daughter, but I am the luckiest person in the world because I have the opportunity to realize myself through my children. I have picked up the best things in life, though it hurts very badly but luckily I picked up the most precious part of my life. ”

Mr. Chu Cong said: “There are no fields that are not grown well but only farmers who do not know how to cultivate fields. Chinese children mainly receive physical education and receive less spiritual education. We always bring our children to compare with other children but forget their own advantages. ”

Seeing a daughter as a genius; contemplating, praising, encouraging sincere children is the unique educational characteristic of Mr. Chu Cong. "During Dinh Dinh's education, what I feel most is admiring and praising my daughter."

With such training and conception of thought, Dinh Dinh has gradually achieved great achievements:

In the year of 6, Dinh Dinh learned more than XNX Han characters. When I entered Pho Nang Primary School, one year of dancing in two classes, in the year of age, memorized and quickly calculated the division table of units, breaking the Guinness record, was voted as one of the advanced members of 6000. most of the country, is an example of the typical disabled people of the whole country, in the year of the year of the year, the age of the year becomes the first and youngest deaf student of China; In the year of the year of the year, the year was accepted by the University of Caters of the United States to be a research student. This Chinese deaf and mute student had a speech before 8 thousand people at the Great Hall of the People of the People's Republic of China.

People call Dinh Dinh "The prodigy", which is "Extraordinary". And Mr. Zhou Gong awoke to realize that his daughter is a very ordinary child, she is so because of the right way of education. As long as the education is right, all other children can be good or better than Dinh Dinh. He said that not only extraordinary children have developed differently from normal children, in fact normal children are under a lot of pressure so they cannot develop their abilities to the fullest.


Chu Cong had a successful Dinh Dinh education but could his education be widely applied? By this education is there a second and third Dinh Dinh training possible? He considered his son like a tree and saw a huge flap of forest through this tree. He established Dinh Dinh deaf and dumb school, enrolling students all over the country. Schools adopt very Western education, combining playing and learning and playing. The banner of the school is "Are you happy, do you have fun, wish everyone happy!" They teach no lesson before the next lesson, specific textbook lesson that all are based on inspiration. students' interesting. Play arithmetic, play grammar, ... After a few years of development, this school has made many achievements, becoming a giant tree in the education and training school for many smart children like Dinh Dinh, being informed. mass media called "the Chu Dinh Dinh phenomenon", Mr. Chu Cong once said, "Dinh Dinh is a great child, but other children are also wonderful. What Dinh Dinh can do, other children can do it. ”

The appearance of Chu Dinh Dinh is a strange event. Everyone wants to have more and more Dinh Dinh appear.

The deaf and dumb children have such great potential, why are healthy, normal children developing so slowly?

This story has touched the hearts and minds of parents who have children with disabilities. Informed, they hurriedly asked their children to attend Chu Cong's school. Thus, not only has there been a series of smart handicapped children but also burned many fires of hope for many handicapped children struggling in suffering. In contact with Mr. Chu Cong, we are not too surprised by the great love of a father, but that love made his father and son resist the fate, turning him from a very ordinary person. , once admired other fathers, became a famous education expert, changed the fate of many families, made Dinh Dinh girl from a self-deprecating, shy girl, a deaf and mute child People are not sympathetic to become a good college student, to live independently, and bring joy to others. They were originally teased and frightened father and son and enjoy the joy of life.

Mr. Chu Cong has summed up "to sincerely praise others. Raise your thumb to say the truth to people "you are very good". At first, I could not do it, but later I thought that when I raised my thumb saying "you are very good", the other finger will turn to myself saying "you are very good, but I am good than!"

This is a funny saying but contains many profound implications. You see, a deaf and dumb child can overcome himself, go to study abroad with a scholarship, win all difficulties, then normal, healthy children like our children will not win. So successful?

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