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How Self-Esteem Should Be Practiced For Children


I think that we cannot take lightly the opportunity for children to have the opportunity to express themselves, feel the joy of successful people.


To complete the "I am the most" activities, you should pay attention to expanding the following:

- Best wishes - The most respectable character - The best career - The most favorite subject - The most uplifting activity - The most favorite place - The happiest moment Of course, there are some areas of your child will be weaker than many other children, even not finding any advantages, but under the guidance of adults it is certain that students will find a knack for themselves. Through training skills and looking for potential abilities, it will increase confidence and power for children.

A Japanese educator said:

"The human brain is like a face towel, just lifting one side can lift the whole, why do people have an advantage, there are no advantages in other problems? If the brain is like a face towel just starting from one side, then all the parts will be active too. ”

So focus your mind and energy on finding problems that make people curious, thus stimulating the brain to grow.

This educator also had similar experiences. When he was in high school, he had a very poor friend, always looked down on by people. But since having more gymnastics, his achievement in this subject has surprised everyone. It is from this subject that he has gained confidence for himself. From then on, this friend is very enthusiastic to speak in class and his academic achievement is much better than before.

If a child is good or fond of certain subjects, their life will be more complete and fun. At the same time, this also makes children feel more confident and progress in other subjects. People with confidence are naturally filled with hope in life, will accomplish everything else well.

Therefore, parents should try to get their child to take a certain forte in the subjects. Let children feel confident because of their advantages. From self-confidence, children will gain the ability, and from the ability to succeed, and from success will gain more confidence.

Here we will introduce to you how to talk and exchange between parents and children.

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