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People create a lot energy in potential form. I consume on the spot what I created. It can be said that it is an endless source of energy, scientists want to take advantage of the human energy generated during the motor process to create electricity. "The people living in this area are our energy source.". The concept of turning people into power plants is called human energy exploitation.

Toulouse is an important technology center in France. Inside the city hall, people are developing the idea of ​​utilizing man-made energy, Alexander Martial is the mayor of Toulouse. He is 1 among Jobnext project members - an energy walkway project. “We are entering 1 revolution since ancient times, everyone thinks that the city only knows energy consumption, but we believe the city can also generate energy. The Jobnext project can be said briefly like this: I consume on the spot the energy I create, it can be said to be an endless source of energy, as long as people exist, the energy source will show up. "

Each human step creates 6W energy. Energy-generating walkways are designed to transform every step into energy that lights street lights. The inspiration to give birth to this project comes from the Netherlands. In XNXX, a nightclub in Rotterdam for the first time utilizing energy from people jumping on the floor, electrical panels are attached to the dance floor. They turn jumpers' movements into electrical energy. Initially, the developer of the green dance floor decided to use energy to run the led lights under the dance floor, but then they continued to develop the idea and increase the efficiency of the energy recovery process. Currently there are countless clubs in the world that perform light shows using energy from dancers. The project is funded by the European Union, Alexander wants to implement this idea in the city of Toulouse.

The whole city has nearly 70 000 street lamp columns, consuming about half of the city's annual consumption. That alone is enough for the City Council to think about saving electricity without turning off lights and not affecting people's lives. Energy-saving LEDs, solar-only balls and motion sensors on streetlights are all energy-saving measures. They have helped the city reduce its electricity consumption by about 0.2%. All energy-efficient street and street lights end their fate in the city's warehouse. People here are also studying energy supplies in the future to support the development of a generator project. One of the most difficult tasks is how to obtain human-generated energy, in order to solve this problem, it was created mini electric generator and buried underground. it will convert the kinetic energy from the sincere step of electrical energy. then energy is stored in batteries to light the streets in the evening when fewer people are traveling on the road. This idea is in the process of research and development, 30 generator will be installed under each board. Scientists want to find out how to set them up to maximize power savings. Deputy Mayor Alexander is in charge of electricity improvement and supply in Toulouse. This project is his whole heart: "I think this project is related to human freedom, creative freedom, freedom to imagine another world, I think the project is exploited." energy human life is the future freedom, "which means developing clean technologies for energy use by every person in the city: "You start from the number of 0 with 1 of the laboratory sample and then you publish the results and search for new partners."

Developments in the aerospace industry in Toulouse are helping the city implement this idea. Almost all materials used to build the generator path are materials used in aircraft manufacturing. For example, you can find generator springs on A380 aircraft doors - the world's largest passenger aircraft. The material must have a great bearing capacity so the springs used on the aircraft are particularly suitable for this project.

In charge of Jobnext project research, physicist Bert Frank is currently teaching at Toulouse University. He studied the interaction between mechanics and electromagnetism. Bert Frank is particularly interested in highly practical creative ideas. The generator walkway project is one of them: "The biggest way is to generate generators at low cost, but to achieve maximum efficiency, which means that 6W mechanical energy must be converted into electricity and least wasted." Jobnext project in Toulouse aims to create and use energy on the spot, we do not need to transmit electricity to other places, so it is almost impossible to happen power loss, operation principle This technology also takes the idea of ​​aviation.

“The technology we are using is very similar to an aircraft drive control system, in particular we replace hydraulic systems with mechatronics or hydroelectric systems and we use special system 1. can transform rotational motion into translational motion, we use this drive system according to 1 way completely opposite to aviation industry, not to create mechanical motion but to turn mechanical motion into electricity ".

The principle here is the same as when children play spinning. Toulouse is focusing its research on human mechanical energy but there are many other ways to exploit human energy.

Winter in the capital Stockholm - Sweden is often prolonged, cold and murky. During the winter, life is mainly played in heated rooms, so the need to save electricity here is very important. Stockholm's central station is Sweden's largest station. On average, there are about 4XX 200 turns of people going to the waiting rooms in the station. In the process, they generate a lot of electricity, which can be fully utilized. Such crowds are ideal for harnessing energy. When physical activity is high, a person can create up to XNXXW energy. Normal human energy to lose is equivalent to the energy of 1 bulb 100W. In day 30, people lose the amount of calories they absorb when eating. We lose this amount of calories emitted as heat or sweat in the form of steam.

Class Johanson is an environmental officer at a national real estate company. He realized the heat of human beings contained great opportunity:

“The people passing by in Stockholm station unintentionally give up energy charges, everyone is like that. now we try to harness that energy in the best possible way, and we do this by putting the thermostat on the air conditioners to keep the temperature in the station always at an average level. ”

200 000 turns people daily to create 1 giant heat energy source. This amount of heat in the operating center must always cool the station even in winter. The cooling system in the tunnel also produces a significant amount of heat. These green thermostats use heat to heat water and also use heating in the nearby office building: “Helping buildings save electricity is very important in an urban context like this, we have a lot of different buildings with different needs and power consumption so we try separate separately that link them together. We used the excess heat energy in Stockholm central station for a very close office building ”

The office building facing the road took advantage of the free man-made excess heat in the station, which helped the building reduce ¼ electricity consumption. One of the reasons this model works effectively is that this station and office building have the same owner. All that's needed is the real estate owners working together, I own this office building, you have that apartment building. We have the need to use electricity at different times, we can associate 2 buildings without: "This model is suitable for many other places, hoping to be applied in many places, maybe It's not exactly the same as this but there is a similarity in section.

Human energy in Stockholm central station is used indirectly, but the exploitation of human energy can be exploited more directly and on a larger scale. You can see for example in Munster in western Germany. This is the largest urban area, the most densely populated in Germany. Currently 5 million people are living here, their waste is poured into the sewer. These four sewage treatment systems, they treat wastewater and act as energy supply systems. Drainage system in Bocholt town receives waste of about 500000 people. This biological waste contains a lot of energy, for wastewater treatment professionals. Human waste is a valuable commodity Nicholas Mayer is in charge of waste disposal, he is particularly concerned about the residue left after the water has been drained. In the past they were buried underground, but now experts use them to generate energy. In high decomposition towers, this bacteria decomposes human waste into biogas in which 50% is methane.

"This is our energy production site, from here we get gas and energy from residue in the exhaust gas." At the temperature of 380C, the bacteria turn the residue into biogas in 25 day

“We try to create about 900m3 biogas in 1 hours and use this gas to supply energy to a thermal power plant. If successful, we will be able to supply electricity for approximately XNXX households every year ”. Electricity is generated from human waste, 7000m 3 Biogas can produce the same amount of heat as gasoline. Experts want to achieve more, the residue after the decomposition process is also utilized. They are dried and mixed with coal dust and become a solid fuel fuel, and the idea is to generate as much energy as possible from primary waste treatment. Special presses take up to 200 hours to filter waste from the water. The final fuel product is surprisingly high in energy with the energy gained from waste of 200kg of waste you can dry your hair for half an hour. The fuel produced is burned in a high temperature oven of 10C. This process will generate steam to run the turbocharger that produces more than 1mW of electricity. Wastewater treatment system in Bocholt has self-service 3% of the power demand of the plant. And in the future the factory will be able to meet all its electricity needs:

“People living in this area are the source energy We clean water from waste to generate biogas, electricity and electricity ”. Treated waste can be turned into fuel for cars. Biofuel after being filtered simply becomes a relatively similar chemical compound to natural petroleum chemically. All vehicles in the waste treatment area in Bocholt are run on biofuel from the factory's internal gas station.

In the test factory, the waste treatment specialists are studying a step further. They want to make hydrogen gas from decomposing gas. Hydrogen has a higher energy content than biogas, but it only becomes a viable energy solution when it is possible to produce clean, low-cost electricity like here. The biogas cleaned with carbon filter is then cooled. In the biogas refrigeration equipment will be extracted carbon dioxide and pure hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen gas is used in fuel cell technology. It produces electricity, heat and fuel for vehicles. This gas helps save fuel and is environmentally friendly. Since 2010, regional buses use fuel cells. In the future each waste treatment plant can become a hydrogen gas fuel station. These ideas will not be able to solve the problem of mankind's burning energy but they are opening new directions in creating energy. Scientists studying how to exploit primary energy are finding new technologies and unique ideas. They are pursuing many different approaches to creating energy. In Toulouse is the function, in Stockholm is heat energy, and in Bocholt is primary waste.

Scientists in Eindhoven, the Netherlands also want to exploit primary energy. They are developing medical devices that run on human body heat and sunshine. These medical devices will be useful in places where there is no electricity such as a disaster area or on the street. At the Eindhoven high-tech research center, the scientists are inspired by the fast-growing trend of power-saving electromagnetic applications. The center spokesman Quensilo will explain this in more detail: "We all know if the TV or computer screen, even if it is in standby mode, it will still cost electricity, we create the set. The sensor costs less power but still works as usual. This device is power efficient but still has all the functions inside. ”

Scientists want to use primary energy as efficiently as possible, microelectronics engineer Wang Ziyang explains how it works: "This is a thermoelectric device, a real generator is in the middle. and this part is made of aluminum, which is in contact with the skin, the device uses only body heat and solar energy to generate several mW of electricity. 1mW = 1 / 1000 W. This amount of power is generated from the temperature difference between the skin and the external environment, so it is enough to activate the 1 wireless electromagnetic switch. This work will collect health data on the body and send to 1 computers: "Feeling a little cold, there is a connection between cold feeling and the ability to generate energy. Here we want to turn the heat body into electricity and we have to make sure that the heat exposure is extremely good. We use aluminum to make the skin contact surface because aluminum is a very good thermal contact material, which makes you feel a little cold. If you continue to make this device bigger to a certain time, the human body will feel cold, so if you feel uncomfortable with this device, we should not increase the limit. We want people to feel comfortable wearing this device. ”

The magnetic sensor model has generated electricity to transmit data to the computer. A person who just needs to lie in one place is able to create electric power, the scientists are conducting research on the next generation of devices. They are developing a pocket EEG device. A wearable device will measure brain waves and send data to 1 computers. The device still needs to be replenished to a small battery of 1. However, microelectronics engineer Johnny Sha wanted to change this: "This is an EEG device, we are transmitting 1 electric waves here. These are electronic heads attached to the device. This is the world's smallest pocket electroencephalogram device. Small metal heads convey brain and body heat to electricity. ” The current enters a battery, the brain activity data is sent through radio waves to 4 computer. And strangely, the activity of brain waves is clearly visible on the computer screen:

  • “How much energy does the device currently consume?
  • In order to transmit 8 electric waves, the device will consume 9,2 mW electricity. We are trying to reduce power consumption to the lowest level so that we can take advantage of energy from the body heat and this device is completely automated.
  • There are 1 new types of heart rate measurement devices, they can work without the need for any external power supply. The sensor pads on the chest measure the heart rate. "

As the heart rate increases, the sensor will immediately send a warning to the mobile phone. It can even send the correct GPS location to the patient: "You will not be monitoring your heart activity yourself because you are not a specialist, the actual data is sent to your phone and the doctor according to watch. Your doctor can call you if you notice any abnormal signs ”

  • Can i try
  • Of course
  • Please go below, and if the heartbeat on 120 you will receive a message on the phone

Climbing the stairs will increase your heart rate. Sensor stickers recognize everything. Patients with heart attacks can be monitored like that through their own smart phones, even if they are in remote area and don't have the battery to run the device:

  • A good physical exercise and I'm measuring your heartbeat. Current heart rate is above 120. When the heart rate reaches 150 or 160, you will quickly receive 1 messages
  • Here it is. I received the message. Heart rate is 163. This information is sent from the research center
  • So I have to exercise a little more
  • Right. and his health will be stable

In the near future we will not be able to charge mobile phones, navigation devices and music players in this way because they need too much power. However for mobile data reading devices. These new inventions will be 1 possible solutions because they only need to be powered by human body heat. humans consume more energy than they can generate through smart primary energy extraction devices like this. Therefore, we are forced to develop renewable energy sources. However, the exploitation of primary energy will be an effective support solution through the utilization of unexplored resources is ourselves.

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