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Should Children Use Multiple Antibiotics?

How new is the antibiotic used?

We still often use antibiotics when we have colds, but sometimes the drugs don't work as well. Colds up to 95% are caused by viruses, so antibiotics do not work in this case but they even adversely affect the activity of beneficial bacteria in the body, breaking weight Equal to the bacteria in the intestine, degrading resistance. One of the reasons we have to take antibiotics when we have colds is to avoid getting worse. When the flu has shown signs of remission, taking medicine helps us not be affected by other bacteria. But recently, doctors have not paid attention to this use of antibiotics.

Should Children Use Multiple Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are chemicals that can inhibit bacterial growth. Antibiotics destroy the cell walls of bacteria, affecting growth and stalling their activity. Of course, these antibiotics will also harm other bacteria in the body, so using too many antibiotics will cause a lot of side effects. For example, bacteria that cause rash or bacteria in the gut can be greasy or resistant to antibiotics. Shouldn't we also pay attention to this disadvantage when using antibiotics?

Not only adults but even children also have antibiotic resistance. The bacteria that cause ENT diseases are likely to be greasy, making it much harder for us to heal.

In Pediatrics, doctors also need to pay attention to the use of antibiotics. The doctor should ask: "Does this case need to use antibiotics?" "In addition, you should choose a reliable doctor to get the treatment you expect.

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